Pyr of the year competition!


SSKY Speciality show

We got to participate in SSKY show Chino won his class with CQ, Wicca placed 2nd in her class and 3rd in Best Bitch ring.

I got to show Trulli in BB ring, Chino in BM ring and Mr in breeder class <3 


Special thanks to Minna Salmi for showing Wicca in BB ring and breeder ring and helping Marion place as BOB Breeder with this team! Marion ended the day in BIS breeder, congrats to kennel Echo de'Chien! and Team Chenespace for showing 10 fuzzy butts succesfully by the two of them. Also for winning BOB and BOS to the gorgeous Fago (Chino's special daddy) and Nette!!!


Both CAC went to Estonia EDC. Neesu took the male CAC with BM-2 and Bella took the CAC with BB-2 placement! Congrats to them as well!!



What a great day! lots of fun, good coffee, great food, special thanks to everyone for helping and bringing tents and snack for everyone to eat!!!


Heinola National

We travelled with Kata to Heinola National with team Chimily.


What a GREAT day it was for us! Chino was Jun-1, Exc, CQ, BM-1 & BOB with his 1st CAC!!!!


what made it perfect was that his "girlfriend" Emily won BOS from 7 bitches and won her 2nd CAC from this show! !!


Our judge was Irina Poletaeva. Finland. We even showed in group with a lot of energy and drive! Fun day all in all!


LLE tour weekend

Me and Kata left on the longest trip this year, travelling to a double International show in Druskininkai, Lithuania and from there travelling half the night to Estonia for the sunday International dog show!


We travelled with my TT (Pepita & Tarmo) and our Pyreneans (Wicca, Emily & Chino). We also had two American Akitas along for our ride. Two equally lovely males for different reasons (Simo & Kramer). 

Everyone's individual show results can be found on their own pages, as we had so many to show with us! but Chino collected a res-CACIB, Wicca was BOB Junior on all three days also keeping BB-2 position on everyday!


Kata's Emily was BOB with CAC and CACIB on both days in Lithuania and BB-4 in Pärnu! Congrats to them for a great weekend!


Tarmo was BOB Junior on everyday, and took two BOS positions, and BOB with Ligita Zake on sunday in Estonia! So happy about this star <3


Pepita our happy veteran tried it in Ch class again and achieved one res-CACIB. My precious oldie!



Forssa National 14-15.07.2012

On saturday it was raining cats and dogs in the morning and Pyrs were the 1st breed!


Chino got Exc, CQ and was 2nd in his class after his brother Peikko!


Ligita Zake was very tough and only a rare few dogs out of the 17 entered got CQ. 


Chino placed well in the best male ring, placing 3rd with res-CAC!


We also got to take part and placed 1st in BOB Breeder, and Chenespace kennel placed 4th in BIS-Breeder!

On sunday our we did even better with the tibbies.


Tarmo got Exc, with Jun-1 and CQ, placing also 3rd in BM-ring but winning his 1st CAC!


Pepita got Exc, and won BOB -veteran, i am so proud of my precious baby girl!


Jenni Savolainen was there to help me and keep me company with her wonderful Hilma girl, and they showed beautifully and did well in a tough ring full of youth class bitches placing 2nd in their class!


Gällivare International dog show

We traveled to Gällivare dogshow with two gorgeous American Akitas, two pyreneans and two tibetan terriers. Tibbies were on saturday, Tarmo (P.King of Kings) BM2 with res-CAC. Pepita BB4 out of 15 tibbies and 6 CQ recievers, so a tough judge and a good day.


Sunday we got a nice critique for Chino and condolances from the judge herself that we missed our time in the ring and came in late. What a shame, but I learned to re check a million times that what time EACH ring is starting as rings can start different times, and different times on saturday and sunday. You live and you learn, shame we had to drive 1000km for this lesson x)


Chino gave me my birthday present!

Chino got his health check today!


Hips and elbows will come as official scores later on but eyes, shoulder joints and knees are clear and healthy!


Järvenpää National

Tanja Paasonen
Tanja Paasonen

Today we had a wonderful day in Järvenpää All Breeds in many ways. Spent the day in excellent company under the sun.


Thanks everyone! Jaana from kennel Amox, it was great to chat again! Jenna, thanks again for the tent/shade and all the help! Taina and her daughter were at the TT ring again, and Tanja and her daughter came with Chino's brother and won BOB! Way to go Reino! Chino placed well in second :)


We had a girls day today with my husbands sisters daughter Milla! 

Quality time!

Pepita placed BOS Veteran with also a 4th place in Best Bitch ring! So happy! Great critique from judge Saija Juutilainen, from Finland.


Tarmo places 1st in Junior ring with Exc, and a very promising and honest critique of our little boy! My rings lapsed again, but huge thanks to Sanne Välinen who showed Tarmo in the rings!


Can't wait for our summer shows this year! with all my tibbies!

While the BOB placers were running in group ring, the kids made the best of it and took Tarmo & Pepita to the field and did some dogshowing of their own!

Great day indeed!

Tanja Paasonen
Tanja Paasonen

Riihimäki Group 2&9 dog show

We had a great day at Riihimäki! I went to the show with 4 dogs, Chino was entered to Junior class in pyrs and Tarmo, Pepita & Niilo were entered in tibbies.


1st and foremost I have to stop and thank the Pindaros Team- it takes a great breeder to have a great team but WOW they are magic makers!

My breeds, even after they confirmed that they were not going to clash, nearly did. HUGE thanks to Niina Norima, Jenni Savolainen & Amox kennel breeder and Pindaros kennels team member Jaana Möytyri-Ulmanen!


Niina & Jenni did miracles and finished grooming Pepita & Tarmo for me while I was running frantically between ring 1 & 10 waiting for Pyrs to start before the TT.


I had such a great day all in all, we had so much fun near the TT ring all day plus I got to see Chino's breeder Tuulikki, and a few other pyr people too. Hissu Toivonen & her mother Tytti helped out more than enough and photographed both rings with 2 cameras!

Chino was judged by Katrin Lahi from Estonia and he placed 2nd in Best Male ring again! He has been in 3 Junior rings in Finland and twice placed 2nd before Champion class males, could not be more proud of my precious boy!


He was a bit too hot & a bit tired, but the better & more ready dog won! Congratulations to Covermount Andorra for finalizing his Finnish Championship!

Once I got back to the TT rings, I had 3 TT groomed & ready for me- I am so thankful for all the help!


The rings started and Tarmo was in the 1st class to go, he won his class recieving Jun-1, Exc & CQ! 


After that the Pindaros Team had a male in Intermediate class, Pontus, P. Jipikajey who ended up being BM-3! and Justus (P.I'm in the Mood) ended up being BM-4!


Big congrats to their owner Niina Norima! they looked absolutely fabulous!

Niilo (P. Dream Images) got Exc, and placed BOS Veteran. 


I am very happy, the judge could not believe his age as he had way too much energy.

Jaana's girls did excellent as well. Amox Angel without Wings got Exc & Iiita (P.Fantastic Me) was BOS!


Pepita won the Veteran bitch ring and was BOB veteran! Niina showed my piece of gold to perfection!


We also got to show in breeders class and Pindaros Kennel got BOB- Breeder with Pontus, Justus, Iita & Tarmo!



Kennel Pindaros placed in the BIS-breeder ring

it was



Biiiiig congratulations to Petra Sankelo!


Helsinki Puppy Show

Wicca was at her 2nd puppy show and this time placed BB1 and BOB under Judge Marianne Holm. We had a wonderful day at the puppy show, our friends from kennel Petpursuit had their tibby puppy with them and Dana ( Ti la Shu On the Rocks) was BOB puppy in her class of 5 tibbies. We had 4 pyr baby class puppies at the show, out of which 3 were bitches in Wicca's class.

She got a wonderful critique and alot of praises for her ideally typical movement. We spent the day with a family of a certain adult Tibby boy and their 8 year old daughter just loved Wicca. they went around the rings together watching people and kissing everybody on their path. 

Kata showed her in Group rings and she got shortlisted in top 8 of the 20 or so puppies that were BOB in their breeds. On the sad part Wicca had a rough but fun day and did not manage to get much sleep much from all the play so no matter how well Kata showed her, we just didn't have that spark in the ring, and did not place in the top 4 of our group this time but thank you Kata for the wonderful handling <3 and the company as well as Jenna!

Can't wait for sunday, we have 3 tibbies and Chino entered to Riihimäki show!


Summer time really feels like it's here! Show season!


Lahti Group show & Lahti Puppy show

We had a wonderful day with Kata Lahikainen & Jenna Timonen. Jenna had her TT puppy Dana with her and I had Chino and Wicca. I also had the pleasure of showing Helinä: Soulman's Tinkerbell.


Chino got VG, and was the only one in his class. The judge said he was abit high on his legs at the moment, but then again he was only 13months. We did not show our best confidence today, but we will get there!

Tiina Weurlander's Helinä on the other hand had a hit day! She showed well with me and moved beautifully. She was BB1, CAC, BOS, --- and Finnish Champion from the 1st show possible since she turned 2 years! 


I am very proud to show her on such an occasion and glad to help and show her either way. But We did very well! I am very proud of her!

our youngest member of the family Wicca, Echo de'Chien Bewitched showed for the 1st time at the age of 6months in her very 1st puppy show! My dear and trusted friend Kata showed her to perfection, and she was one of the two only bitches to get PP and placed 2nd! 


Kata's Esmé will need a few more months before it's her turn but it will come ;) 


Can't wait for our next trip! Riihimäki HERE WE COME!


Lappeenranta National

Lappeenranta brought us success! Chino, Chenespace Raison d'Être was BM-2 with reserve-CAC, a big thanks to Juulia, his breeder (one of three) for handling him in Junior class! You two looked Fabulous!

Chino placed 2nd behind Odysseus de Joli Jaunter in best male ring!

Sari Kuikka
Sari Kuikka

As always, my rings just didn't co-operate as well as i hoped, and our Pyr ring was running late and overlapping the tibby ring. Thankfully I had Jenna from kennel Petpursuit at the same show who was wonderful as always, to save my butt and show Pepita for me in the ring. 


Pepita did great with Jenna, we are very proud, and very thankful!


She was Best of Breed Veteran, and Best bitch, placing as Best of Sex with CAC- thus finalizing her Finnish Championship! and her Lithuanian Championship.


The day didn't end there, She ran straight from her TT ring with a lovely young lady to the Junior handlers ring, and have to admit, what a big class of Junior Handlers there was indeed! Stefi placed 4th with Pepita in JH 2/2 class! And they both showed really well!

it didn't take more than a few minutes once the JH ring was done that Jenna came to take Pepita away from me :) 


it was time for BIS-Veteran rings and she was more than happy to show Pepita at that ring as well as she showed her in the TT rings too!


1st Pepita was shortlisted to the top 8 dogs from a relatively big group of veterans. My seconds have never gone as slow when Gunnel Holm was pondering between the top 8 that had been shortlisted. She 1st picked three dogs out and stopped for a moment (that felt like an eternity) to ponder between Pepita and a gorgeous old Cocker to which would make it from top 5 to top 4! Pepita was sent out of the ring with a big smile on her face and mine too as they did just absolutely faboulously!


Latvian Winner -12

We drove to Latvian Winner with Maija Varis from Kennel Rat trap's and Kata Lahikainen from Solar gift's, my trusted travel buddy and good friend. This time we had an easy trip, shorter to drive and less dogs along for the 1 day show.


Chino exceeded himself on saturday. He showed nicely and stood confident to our Judge: Beate Petkevica, from Latvia. Have to say, she was a wonderful kind judge and such a dog lover that I would love to show in her ring again anyday with any dog. She was tough about what she wanted in a dog and the critique was thorough and long but we got Excellent with Promotion Prize  (CQ) and got our Latvian JCAC and got Latvian Junior Winner-12 and Latvian Junior Championship, thus finalizing the Baltic Junior Championship!!!!!


In best Male ring we placed 2nd after a Finnish Champion class male,  but I was very proud of my boy! Our Bikini team did their best but it was the boys who ruled saturday with their placements. 


Pepita went to Open class and tried for CACIB at the age of 8½ years as our EE CH had not validated all the way home at the time of entry. We recieved Exc but no PP. But We had fun and had fun! That's the main thing!


On sunday our Norwich male travel companion went to ring in youth class and placed 2nd after a Russian Champion male. But they showed well and recieved Res-CACIB, Thanks Maija and Kata again for a great trip!!!



Pepita left straight after her ring in Latvian Winner on saturday with Jenna Timonen from Petpursuit to attend the Tibetan Terrier Speciality in Finland on sunday. There she did great!


She placed 2nd in Child & dog ring with Sanni from team Pindaros, and was also shown in Junior Handler ring where she placed 1st with Jenna's girl.


In her real ring she recieved Exc, CQ, BOS Veteran and she was almost picked into top 4 in BB ring! Thanks Petra and the whole Pindaros Team for showing her! and Thank you Jenna for taking such good care of my precious gem!!!


Chino turned 1 years old today! happy birthday C. R-litter!


Lithuanian Winner brought us success!

We traveled towards Lithuanian Winner 2012 double CACIB show on friday with Kata & Mirka!


This time our car was packed with Chino, Emily, Pepita, our beloved American Akita from last summer travels, Midian's Zumba who is owned by her breeder Katri Laitila, and we had a gorgeous Junior class Flat coated retriever bitch Eve with her owner Mirka in our car as well!


Chino (C.Raison d'Être) got his second JCAC from Lithuania on saturday being BOS with Lithuanian Junior Winner 2012 title! Emily (EDC Amelie Queen) was BB2 and lost by a hair literally due to her bikini coat but she did try her best and showed perfect as always.


Pepita our veteran tibby was BOB Veteran and got her 1st Veteran CAC and Lithuanian Veteran Winner 2012 title on saturday!


Our travelers did well saturday too, Eve the flattie was BOS Junior with her 1st JCAC and Lithuanian Junior Winner -12 title! Zumba the AA was exc with 1st place in youth class and kicked ass in the BB ring but lost to a champion class bitch being BB2 in CACIB ring. Kata and Zumba just have that flawless show attitude i love to watch! Plus Zumba is something just so amazing in itself that i am glad to have her on our trips.


We got a million photos and now we're just waiting for Mirka to get thru with all of them.....



Sunday CACIB show brought success for me personally. 


Chino was BOB and got his 3rd JCAC from Lithuania fulfilling his LITHUANIAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP, and thus also his ESTONIAN JCH!  Emily being BLT JCH did not show on sunday.


Pepita was BOB veteran with Veteran CAC on sunday and kicked ass with a great critique from a great judge! Pepita was shortlisted by Petra Junehall in BIS VETERAN rings to top 8 from over 30 veterans! Kata went to the big ring with Pepita and she did a fabulous job, and Pepita ran with a fab.drive just the same as her breed judge had congratulated her on! Thanks again Kata!


Eve the flattie was BOB Junior on sunday with JCAC and Zumba kicked ass in the AA ring on sunday beating all the girls and being BB1 with CAC and CACIB! So proud! And she showed so great on both days, i bet she knows she's drop dead gorgeous. 


Again a great trip, in great company. Glad to have met Mirka, and Eve will travel with us in the summer without her pregnant mommy :) 


Can't wait for our next trip! And gladly, don't have to  ;) next friday our pumkin ride is taking us to the LATVIAN WINNER SHOW!! Lots more pyrs in the ring, wish us luck!!!


Pulmu's health results came in

Pulmu got the best results!

Hips A/A, Elbows 0/0, Patella lux 0/0 and eyes clear of all hereditary and other diseases!


Turku International with the tibbies!

Today was Pepita's day! Traveled, as usual, with Kata again. This time I only had my tibbies along for the show. With 42 tibetan terriers entered to an Aussi Breeder Judge Pepita rocked her class to 2nd place with EXC and CQ out of 8 gorgeous young ladies-- Pepita being only days away from 8 years of age!!


Niilo got VG, being still with half a coat and in skinny condition thanks to Pepita's heat last month... but he got a nice critique anyways and lost to two gorgeous veteran males.


We had a wonderful time with team Pindaros, it's been too long, and enjoyed my day! Pindaros team is one of those groups what works as a single unit and handled 9 coats and dogs wonderfully presented into the ring. It was wonderful to whitness. Petra's kennel was Best Breeder, and her bred bitch was BOS and all of her bred dogs did wonderfully including Kaapo, P.King of Kings who won BOB puppy out of 5 dogs!




Tartu National brought us alot of success!

Niilo BOB Pepita BOS under judge Marie Petersen
Niilo BOB Pepita BOS under judge Marie Petersen

My tibbies made me proud today!


Niilo, Pindaros Dream Images was BOB with a CAC, filling his championships and making him now finally:






Pepita, Pindaros Excellent Me was BOS with a CAC filling her a champion title after also being a home dog all her life!





Our travel brought in 6 new titles for 3 champions in total,


our travel companions filled their ESTONIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION,

 and thus finalizing her


 at 12 months old under judge Anita Witmarsh from Sweden!


Congratulations to Kata Lahikainen at kennel SolarGift's for Emily's new titles!!!! 

Chino our newest edition the the show dogs had a great day in so many ways on saturday in Tarto! 



Under judge Anita Witmarsh with a comment in his critique to warm any heart: 

"A gorgeous boy with a very bright future ahead of him"


On sunday we went in the ring with John Jakobsen, and got a very good VG x)

He gave Chino a wonderful critique all in all, structure wise and he said with alot of training I will surely have a gorgeous show dog in him as he has everything in the right place, just needs a bit more practice to be easy in the ring! 


I am very happy about the critique as he loved Chino, he just needs more practice to show in halls so we lift our tails and are more happy being in the ring all in all!! 

We had a fabulous trip, stopping over to Marion's for lunch at kennel Echo de'Chien and seeing our Wicca's littermates!

Roadtripping with Kata to Tarto, Estonia for the week end.


Most of all, i want to thank once again Kata for a great show trip with me!

Time after time, we just have the best time ever on our road trips.


Showing with the Tibbys!

We had an amazing start to our "official show year"  with the tibbys at a smallish group show in Estonia. There were 46 breeds presented as it was only a two group show, but Pepita really out did herself on saturday! We are proud to present our kennels 1st BIS- placer! Pepita was BOB, placed 2nd in Group ring against 19 other BEAUTIFULLY groomed and handled dogs. As it was only a 2 group show, best two placers from both breeds battled together for the BIS placements. 


We got what we needed. Both Pepita and Niilo got CAC on both days and on top of it i had a wonderful weekend in some wonderful company. We traveled together with Jenna Timonen from kennel Pet Pursuit, and i want to thank her for a lovely trip.


Pepita met her match! Luna (As You Wish from Taste of Ambrosia) was just as much of a battery bunny as Pepita was a few years back. We also were trusted with a few gorgeous Cavaliers and they were heart warmingly friendly and easy to travel with. 


We nearly ran off the road, and saturday was hectic and we got about 6h sleep in nearly 70h, our boat broke before we got on it but we managed to get a spare place in the 9pm boat on sunday and got home in one piece! All in all, i wouldn't change a minute of it! Thanks Jenna, it was great to get to know you better, and i truly wish all the best for your baby girl and your future plans! 


But before i forget, Thanks especially for taking Pepita in the group ring saturday and showing her so well!


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