.  Team work makes the dream work, here's our teams results below!


01.06.2023     Tuusniemi

Judge Eva Nilson Swe



Mountain's Pearl Heiluvillen Seita

Open EXC 2

22.04.2023            Pocatky Czech club show


Judge: Rafael Malo Alcrudo 


Mountain's Pearl It's Gotta Be Love 'Pepper' in Hungary


Intermediate class: Exc 3




Mountain's Pearl It's Gotta Be Love (13 months)


Nyíregyháza Cac 2022.06.18.

HPJ, Best Junior, BOB


She fulfilled the conditions to be a Hungarian Junior Champion!


Riihimäki Ryhmänäyttely 28.05.2022


Tuomarina Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa


MP Hear Me Roar


got his 2nd CAC at his 2nd show today as bm2 🥰😍❤️Onnea Maria Mummi Mikkonen ja Alina Hietanen ❤️

Pomo starttasi!

Mountain's Pearl Hear Me Roar "Pomo" (Edi x Jaal) 

Valkeakoski Group show

Judged by Christine Watson

Youth 1 EXC, CQ, BM1, BOB, CAC

4th Best in Group😍😍😍😍😍 judge Harry Tast

His 1st show ever 😍🤗

Onnea omistajalle Maria Mummi Mikkonen  olemme huikean ylpeitä 😍


Heidi ja Nene sisko (MP Hear My Thoughts) kävi pohjoisessa ja sai eh1 mutta ihanat kun kävitte esittämässä kasvattejani 😍


Got to see my beautifully rambunctious and happy 12 month old co-owned boy, 

Mountain's Pearl Inspire Me


(CH MP Every Little Kiss x Riepu du Grand Tendre) At Lahti dog show today, sadly he got only VG, but I cannot wait for him to fully develop😍

Loved and co-owned by Lea Purstokangas


Hilde & Andrea 

NO CH Mountain's Pearl Eagle Huntress

was Best of Breed  saturday and sunday, and 4th Best in FCI Group 2  on saturday ❤ 

What a lovely critique they got on 24.04.22

judged by Marianne Holmli from Norway ❤ 

The critique - translated by Hilde for me ❤ :

"fantastic model, beautiful well balanced, feminine, elegant, super stylisch topline, we'll build body, very good tail, very well angulated, especially good moover. Moves with pride and a little bit of arrogance. Beautiful well kept coat, fantastic temperament"

So proud of these two ❤

Andy REALLY got her mother's Wicca's genetics in the show ring, she always moved with a bit of arrogance and a whole lot of pride - like she knew she was who everyone came to look at ❤

19.04.2022 Hungary


Mountain's Pearl It's Gotta Be Love


BOB, JBOB, JCAC, Hungarian Junior Champion! 


congatulations to owner Alexandra !!



MP Hear My Thoughts, Jaal x Edi

Youth1, Exc, CAC, Best of breed❤️

Judged by Markku Kipinä

Our little survivor and sled dog guardian 🤗



congratulations to owner Heidi Parkkisenniemi 

MP It's Gotta Be Love "Pepper" won her 1st Junior show as BOB!

Pepper won her 1st show as BOB in Hungary! 

Pepper is loved and owned by dear Alexandra Boros!


All the best for her ! <3

New year started with Max In Latvia!

12.03.2022 Riga IDS, Latvia

judged by Satu Ylä-Mononen, FI


Mountain's Pearl Inspire Me "Max" (Rue x Riepu) 10 months

Exc, JCAC, Best Of Breed


loved and shown by his co-owner Lea Purstokangas


Kaladogi, IDS 25.07.2021


Judged by Drobnjak Darko, Serbia

Father daughter team


Mountain's Pearl Editor's Choice "Edi"

Ch1, exc, CQ, BM1, CACIB, best of sex 😍

Mountain's Pearl Hard Candy "Kismet"

Jun1, exc, CQ, BB2, CAC 😍😍😍 princess handled by Kata Lahikainen

What a start for the upcoming and short show year


BOB photo by Chenespace ❤️ 


Vuoden näyttelykoira pyreneittenkoirien rodussa Suomen Pyreneläiset  ry kisassa sijoitumme tiimiläisten kanssa seuraavanlaisesti!



"Edi" MP Editor's Choice  19kk 


"Wicca" EDC Bewitched (died mid season)


"Furi" MP Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm


"Nata" MP Ever After


"Rue" MP Every Little Kiss



Norjassa "Andrea" MP Eagle Huntress sijoittui #3  Norjan vuoden näyttelykoira kisassa! ja olemmekin suunnattoman kiitollisia kasvattiemme esiin tuonnista!


07.12.2019 Helsinki Winner-19

judged by Marianne Holm


"Edi" MP Editor's Choice

Exc, CQ, interm1, BM1, Best of sex ❤️ CAC, NORD-CAC, HEW-19!


"Rue", MP Every Little Kiss

Exc, CQ, interm2


"Chia" MP Four Letter Word

VG, jun2

07.12.2019  Helsinki Puppy show 

judged by Kristiina Niemelä


Mountain's Pearl  Good Fortune  "Kaja"

BOS Puppy,  HKI Puppy Winner-19


Mountain's Pearl Greatest Showman "Roi" 

BOB Puppy, HKI puppy Winner-19

15.09.2019 Muurame Group Show


judged by Paavo Mattila

Mountain's Pearl Extraordinary Measure "Timon"
Jun1, Exc, CQ, BM-2, CAC! 


owned by Kirsi Rusanen

15.09.2019 Argeles-Gazost, France


R.A.C.P Nationale d'Élevage in Argeles- Gazost with 116 pyreneans has come to an end and I am so pleased with our youngsters results!, thank you to handlers and helpers Kata & Gina for a wonderful job!

Males judged by Joao Vasco Poças, females judged by Alain Pècoult, thank you both for wonderful critiques and appreciation of my 16 month old youngsters!


Mountain's Pearl Editor's Choice "Edi" 

Exc, Intermediate -2 in males out of 8(shortlisted in BM competition)

Mountain's Pearl Every Little Kiss "Rue"

Exc, Junior-2 in females out of 9

Mountain's Pearl Especially For You "Lenna" (owned by Piret Lemetti) 

Exc in intermediate class out of 14 youngsters! <3 What a debut for us in Argeles, cannot wait to plan next years return! What a holiday-

08.09.2019  Åland nds

Mountain's Pearl Ever After "Nata" 16months

BOB, BOB Junior,  CAC


07.09.2019 Nordic Dog Show Högbo 

Judge: Johnny Andersson


Mountain's Pearl Ever After "Nata" 16months

Intermediate1, EXC, CQ, BB2, CAC & res-Nord CAC

Co-owned by Anu & Eeva-Maria Raitio🎉


17.08.2019 & 18.08.2019 Denmark  double IDS


Mountain's Pearl Ever After "Nata" 

BOB, CAC & CACIB both days!

17-18.08.2019 Estonian double IDS weekend!

MP Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm "Furi" finalized her International Champion title this weekend in Estonia under Kristin Kerem .

So proud to have a new C.I.B & Estonian Champion in my breeding, and home. 


Thanks to new and old friends for helping me out by showing my dogs for me this weekend - my ankle is swollen even without a single ring....but so worth the ache!


17.08.19 Tallin IDS judge: Alberto Cuccillato, italy

MP Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm CH1,EXC
MP Editor's Choice Int1, EXC, CQ, BM2 CAC res-CACIB (verifies)

18.08.19 Tallin IDS judge: Kristin Kerem, Estonia

MP Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm CH1, EXC, CQ, BB1, BOS! CAC CACIB - INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION  & Estonian Champion!
MP Editor's Choice Int1, EXC, CQ, BM2, CAC, Res-CACIB (verifies)



Mountain's Pearl Eagle Huntress -

15 months old, coat is "on it's way"


Spring-summer 2019 

Shown 5 times: 2 x BOS with CAC

3 x BOB with CAC and 1 CACIB 

03.08.2019 IDS , Norway

Mountain's Pearl Eagle Huntress: 15months


Super congratulations Hilde 😍💪🏻😍💪🏻

21.07.2019 Lithuania  double CAC show


We have a new Junior Champion!

Mountain's Pearl Ever After 

finished her BALTIC Junior Champion titles making her now




Mountain's Pearl Ever After "Nata" is still14 months, she is co-owned by us, on breeding terms with Anu & Eeva-Maria Raitio. Kiitos ja onnea rakkaat neidit, hienon neidin ootte kasvattaneet.


07.07.2019 Orivesi NDS

judged by Goran Gladic

Mountain's Pearl Eyes On The Prize  "Ukko" 

Jun2, EXC



We got a great review with the judges praises for the most promising boy and great expression but were left with homework for mommy Noora to teach him to behave with other boys in the ring, he was too happy and beeping and wiggling around so much the judge told me he can not send Ukko to BIS ring xD (A CQ is what i was personally aiming but i thought it nice he thought such high regard LOL)


 Emilie got praises for a young handful male - she got "well presented"

06.07.2019 Tuusula Nord

Judged by Irina Poletaeva

MP Eyes On The Prize "Ukko" 14 months

JUN 1, Exc



Correct type, Excellent bones, still puppish. Lovely head and expression, exc pigmentation around eyes and nose. Correct dentition. Good neck and topline. Chest could be a little deeper. Enough angulations. A bit unbalanced front movement. Correct dewclaws. Needs time for development. Excellent coat.


08.06.2019 Hämeenlinna group show

judged by Helin Tenson

MP Ever After "Nata"                               jun1, EXC, CQ, BB1, BOB, CAC



A very beautiful and stylish female. Beautiful ears and excellent pigmentation. Gorgeous topline and tail. Excellent underline and angulations. Double dewclaws at back. Excellent coat. Moves with lovely balance with parallel movement.


MP Easy Living "Kingi"                          Jun1, EXC, CQ, BM-1, BOS, CAC


Exc proportions and bone. Beautiful head and expression. Correct small ears. Exc pigmentation. good topline and tail. Forechest still under construction. Balanced angulations. Exc Coat and beautiful movement.

08.06.2019 Finnish 40 year Jubilee Specialty show, Espoo


What a day behind us! My beautiful wonderful, far too hot and sunny birthday was spent at The Finnish National Speciality Show for Pyrenean Mountain Dogs and Pyrenean Shepherds. The day was in itself absolutely wonderful but our kennel team victories lied elsewhere yesterday .


As for actual results from the show, didn't climb high - then again is in large and great quality junior classes


"Rue" climbed all the way to 4th in her class with EXC

"Edi" placed identically in his summer thongs with Exc, Jun-4 !


"Mörö" was also present and in great condition but with his flaws and +80cm height, he will take time to finish- but showed beautifully and placed Open-2 with VG.

"Theo" groomed and prepared by the girls was shown in a big beautiful class of Champions by Aada with an EXC without class placement.


As for breeders class we placed 3rd with honorary prize.


I want to thank Tino, Emiliee and Aada for showing our dogs in Espoo with me while Eeva-Maria & Anu rocked Hämeenlinna!


08.06.2019m Tuuri Miljoona koira dog show

judged by Kirsi Tevalin


MP Extraordinary Measure "Timon" 

Jun-1, EXC


Beautifully formed junior with beautiful expression. Today in slim condition and out of coat. Beautiful dimensions in the head, muzzle and eyes. Adequate angulations for age and depth of chest. Easy mover. A very promising young male with a wonderfully open temperament.

26.05.2019 Hamina NORD

Judged by Kurt Nilsson


MP Editor's Choice "Edi"

Jun1, Exc, CQ, CAC, BM2, reserve Nordic show CAC (best head 😍❤ )


MP Every Little Kiss "Rue"

Jun1, Exc, CQ, CAC, BB2, reserve Nordic show CAC




Rue: Good head and expression. Excellent proportions, excellent chest for age, well angulated. Excellent movements. Not in the best coat.


Edi: Well built head and excellent expression. Excellent proportions. Moderate chest and angulations. Excellent paws. Typical movements. Well carried tail . Not in the best coat.


Showed beautifully by Piret's god daughter Saana Kuukka

 19.05.2019 Rauma NDS

judged by  Jurek-Erenska Malgorzata

Mountain's Pearl Ever After "Nata" 

Jun1, EXC, CQ, CAC, BB2 ❤ 

Nata is co-owned  by us,

and loves & owned by Anu & Eeva-Maria



Onnea tytöt ja hienosti vedetty !


Photographed by Tuulia Salonen, Chenespace

18.05.2019, Äänekoski Group show

Judged by Marianne Holm

Mountain's Pearl Extraordinary Measure "Timon" 

owned & showed by Kirsi Rusanen kennel Heiluville

Jun1, EXC, CQ, BM1, CAC; Best of Breed! 


ihana yksi vuotias, erinomaista tyyppiä. Hyvin kauniit mittasuhteet, raajakorkeus ja linjat. Ihana pää ja ilme. ( <3 !!!) Oikea kaula, lupaava eturinta. Erinomainen rintakehän muoto ja tilavuus. Hyvin kaunis ylälinja. tyypilliset raajat. Kaksoiskannukset. oikea karva, tyypillinen hyvin kaunis ravi ja oikea häntä.  

12.05.2019 Helsinki IDS, 9 entries 

Judged by Bojan Matakovic, CRO


MP Editor's Choice "Edi"

Jun1, Exc, CQ, BM1, CAC, Best of breed, RC BOB Junior (photo left)

MP Dancin'A Catchy Rhythm "Furi"

Ch2, Exc CQ, BB2, res-CACIB

MP Every Little Kiss "Rue"

Jun1, Exc, CQ, BB3, CAC (photo right)


Photos will follow thank you Irina and Kata for all your help 😍❤


01.05.2019 Lahti Vappu show 

judged by Saija Juutilainen


MP Editor's Choice "Edi"

Jun1, Exc, CQ, BM1, CAC, Best of breed 

28.04.2019 Norway

Mountain's Pearl Eagle Huntress "Andrea"

Jun1, EXC, CQ,  BB1, CAC, Best of Sex


congratulations Hilde! 

 30.03.2019 Lahti IDS (4500+ dogs entered)

judged by Joao Vasco Pocas (23 entries)


Echo De’chien Bewitched 

CH1, Exc, CQ, BB1, BOB, CACIB, BIG 2 under Pocas

Mountain Pearl’s Editor’s Choice


Mountain’s Pearl Dancin’ A Catchy Rhythm


Mountain's Pearl Ever After 

jun3, Exc

Mountain’s Pearl Don’t Bring Me Down


Mountain’s Pearl Breeders Group #2 HP              Thank you Ronja Kaurola for showing help, my niece Emilie for all the photos


Edi's critique: 

11months, Outstanding, Beautiful head and expression. Amazing eyes, perfect triangle on the head. Fulfilled muzzle, low earset. Correct pigmentation, Sloping topline with very good bone and substance. Beautiful angulations in the rear. Strong coat, Very good movement. 


Wicca's critique:

7½ years Outstanding head quoality. Beautiful eyes & expression. Lovely skull and ears. Beautiful topline. Super bones. Very good Angulations. Very good harsh coat. very strong hocks, old type. Amazing movement.


Furi's critique:

2 years old. Correct type. The head and skull are a bit narrow and flat. Beautiful eyes. Feminine.  nice sloping topline. Correct coarse texture (coat). Beautiful angulations, Correct hocks. Good mover.

03.03.2019 Winter Karelia Joensuu NORD

Judged by Jurane Butkine


Mountain's Pearl Extraordinary Measure " Timon" 
jun2, EXC 


kuva: Mallu Heimonen

02.03.2019 Winter Karelia Joensuu IDS

Judged by  Zizevskis Igoris


Mountain's Pearl Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm "Furi"



Mountain's Pearl Don't Bring Me Down "Theo"
Ch2, VG

13.01.2019 Lahti Group show

Judged by Sanna Vakkilainen


Mountain's Pearl Extraordinary Measure "Timon"
BOB Puppy with HP


12.01.2019 Kajaani IDS, FI

Judged by Nenad Davidovic, Serbia


Mindy des Gorges de Cauterest "Mindy" co-owned by Kata & Marion

Open1, EXC, CQ, BB2, CAC, R-CACIB, Finnish Champion

Mountain's Pearl Don't Bring Me Down "Theo" 



Today at Kajaani IDS Mindy got her last CAC and became Champion of Finland at the first possible show after turning two years old last year! 


02.12.2018 Puppy Show, Malvik, Norway


Mountain's Pearl Eagle Huntress "Andrea" 

owned and loved by Cubilon's Hilde Dalos Aune


BOB puppy judged by 

BIG1 Puppy ! 


Congratulations Hilde for handling and showing with such wonderful results!

18.11.2018 Ohio Regional, USA


Mountain's Pearl Easy On The Eye "Hilla" 6½ months, won puppy sweeps at the Ohio Regional, USA & is now qualified for the Puppy Invitational at the 2019 GPCA National! <3 So proud of co-owner Cassie Hanover for all her hard work and training and beautiful showing!


Hilla is owned & loved by Joan, John & Cassie Hanover <3 could not be more proud of this young twosome! What an awesome start!


20.10.18 Rakvere NDS, Estonia


BOB Baby, judged by Sonia Kelveri Philippou

BIS 4 Baby, judged by Anatoli Zhuk


Shown beautifully by Eeva-Maria Raitio 


co-owned by Mountain's Pearl,

loved and owned by  Eeva-Maria Raitio and Anu Raitio.

07.10.2018 Tuulonen Group Show

judged by Jos Van Djik,

9 entries

Mountain's Pearl Fon't Bring Me Down "Theo"


Mountain's Pearl Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm "Furi"



Theo beautifully presented by my niece Emilie <3 Furi by Päivi, Aada showed Dori 


06.10.2018 Tuulonen Group Show

Judged by Tapio Eerola

6 entries

MP Don't Bring Me Down "Theo" 


MP Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm "Furi"



23.09.2018 Jaala, Finland

Today we spent the day at the Livestock guardian dogs breed review ,

judged by Juha Putkonen,FI


9 Pyreneans, 11 LGD breeds

Mountain's Pearl Don't Bring Me Down "Tiiu" int1, BM1, BOB!

Best in Show 7 (11 breeds)

Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High "Yoda" CH1, BM2

Mountain's Pearl Editor's Choice "Edi" BM puppy, BOB,

Best in show 3 (8 breeds)

Mountain's Pearl Every Little Kiss "Rue" BB1 puppy, BOS


Super thank you's to Suuret Laumanvartija Rodut RY for making such a WONDERFUL show! <3 and Putkonen for giving wonderful praises .


23.09.2018 Oppdal, Norway

Breed judged by E. Chwalibog from Poland, Group judged by Børge Espeland, N

Mountain's Pearl Eagle Huntress "Andrea"


BOB puppy and group-4!! Congratulations to Owner Hilde Dalos Aune!


22.09.2018 Oppdal Norway

judged by:

Mountain's Pearl Eagle Huntress "Andrea"
HP, BOB Puppy, BIG-4


Congratulations to owner Hilde Dalos Aune 


special thanks to Hilde Stenstad for handling!!

09.09.18 Trondheim Norway

judged by  judge Karl Eddie Berge, NO


Mountain's Pearl Eagle Huntress "Andrea" 

BOB puppy!


Congratulations again to owner Hilde Dalos Aune for wonderful results and presentation!

01.09.2018 Vantaa Group show 

judged by Maija Mäkinen


MP Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm "Furi"

Ch1, EXC


handled by Aada


MP Don't Bring Me Down "Theo"

Interm2, VG


Handled by my niece Emilie 

26.08.2018 Trondheim, Norway
judged by Hans Almgren, Sweden.

MP Eagle Huntress "Andrea" BOB Puppy, Best in Group -2 Puppy!


Hans Almgren judged both breed and group-final.


Andrea is owned by Hilde Dalos Aune, Norway

25.08.2018   Trondheim,Norway

judged by Andrew Beare, IRL


Mountain's Pearl Eagle Huntress "Andrea" BOB puppy at her very 1st show 💕 4 months 3 days!


owned & loved by Hilde Dalos Aune, kennel Cubilon

Handled beautifully by Marit Hasfjord 

25.08.2018 Mikkeli group show

judged by Paavo Mattila


Mountain's Pearl Darling Ramona Got Her Sparkle "Ramona"

open1, EXC, CQ, CAC, Best of Breed! <3 


owned by Heidi Parkkisenniemi, Kuusamo



Hyvin rakentunut. Kaunis narttu jolla erittäin hyvä pää. Kaunis ilme. Sopusuhtainen runko. Selässä pientä pehmeyttä. Hyvä luusto, kaunis karva. Liikkuu sivusta hyvin. Takaa hieman kapeasti. Miellyttävä käytös. 

22.08.2018 SFAT dog Class Room day 1#


MP Eyes On The Prize "Ukko" who is training to be a Solution Focused Animal Assisted Therapy dog with his owner Noora Kuuskoski, had his very 1st work day today! There were plenty of wonderful photos, but fell in love with this one, permission has been asked for publication.


So proud how well and immediately he adapted to the classroom and how wonderfully he is working with Noora to help the individuals she is counselling and helping. He has been accepted to the group with open arms and has proven himself quite the great listener. Could not be more proud of this project, and Noora & Ukko!

19.08.2018 Heinola NDS

Judged by Jari Laakso


Mountain's Pearl Don't Bring Me Down "Theo"

Interm1, Exc, CQ, BM1, CAC, BOB


Mountain's Pearl Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm "Furi"

Interm1, Exc, CQ, BB1, CAC, BOS


Thank you Kata for presenting Tiu so beautifully! 

18.08.18 Kouvola NDS

judged by Jojkic Zlatko

Mountain's Pearl Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm

Interm1, Exc, CQ, BB1, CAC, BOB!

Mountain's Pearl Don't Bring Me Down

Interm1, Exc, CQ, BM2, Res-CAC ❤


Thank you Kata for handling both my babies today <3 they looked beautiful!

Photo by Minna Vettenranta

12.08.2018 World Dog Show, Amsterdam

Judged by Branislav Rajic



MP Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm "Furi"
Interm-1, EXC, class win 


MP Don't Bring Me Down "Theo"
Interm-2, Exc

Couples-1 Exc

World Winner-18 Brace!


We had a wonderful trip! Special thanks to Päivi & Congrats to Kata for Jetta's World Winner-18 title #TeamPointers


and Chenespace for Winning most of the titles at World Winner!

11.08.2018 WDS - Specialty Show, Amsterdam

judged by Boris Chapiro

MP Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm "Furi" 

interm-4, EXC

MP Don't Bring Me Down "Tiiu" 

Interm-1, EXC

MP SG The Original High "Yoda" 


09.08.2018 Benelux Winner -18

Judged by Massimo Inzoli


MP Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm "Furi" Interm-3, Exc


MP Don't Bring Me Down "Tiiu" Interm-G


Couples 2nd

05.08.2018 Sopot, Poland IDS


Mountain's Pearl Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm "Furi" Ch1, BB-1, CAC, BOS, CACIB


MP SG The Original High "Yoda" Ch2, BM-2, res-CACIB


MP Don't Bring Me Down "Theo" Interm1, exc, CAC

04.08.2018 Sopot IDS, Poland!

Pyrs were judged by Zoija Ole Ini Kova.


Mountain's Pearl Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm "Furi" - BOB, CAC, CACIB


MP SG The Original High "Yoda" - BOS, CAC, CACIB & C.I.B!


MP Don't Bring Me Down "Tiiu" - EXC1, CAC


I am so proud this team! Huge congratulations to Kata #teamPointers, Päivi and Johan for the success of your dogs!!! 😍

Especially Yoda the new International Champion!

03.08.2018 Hot news from very hot Druskininkai!


Yoda, Ch Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High, won BOB with CAC & CACIB! 💖👏

Judged by Sunčica Lazić. 


Owned & loved by Päivi Silfverberg

Bred & co-owned by Vikki Tenhovuori Os Mikkola

Handled & co-bred by Kata Lahikainen

 08.07.2018 Juva AB

judged by Paavo Mattila, FI

Mountain's Pearl Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm "Furi" 

interm1, EXC, CQ, BB1, CAC, Best of Sex


Erittäin hyvin rakentunut narttu. Kaunis ilmeinen pää, erinomainen kaula. Sopusuhtainen runko. Tyylikäs ylälinja ja erittäin hyvät raajat joissa sopivat kulmaukset. Hyvän laatuinen karva. Liikkuu erittäin hyvin. Miellyttävä käytös.

Mountain's Pearl Don't Bring Me Down "Theo" 21months

Interm1, EXC, CQ, Res-CAC, Best Male -3


Kaunis nuori mies. Hyvän mallinen kaunis ilmeinen pää. Erinomainen kaula. Vielä hieman kapea edestä,. Erinomainen ylälinja. Erittäin hyvät raajat. Lupaava karvapeite. Liikkuu erittäin hyvin. Miellyttävä käytös


Thank you Nina for handling help, they looked beautiful!

30.06.2018 Tuusniemi Group

judged by Harto Stockmari

Mindy des Gorges de Cauterets 
Interm1, EXC, CQ, BB-1, CAC, Best Of Sex! 

Mountain's Pearl Don't Bring Me Down "Theo"
Interm1, VG

Critique: (translated)

Correct gender stamp and proportions. Very beautiful head and expression. Adequate chest, right shape of body. A bit long in loin. Double dewclaws. Moves a bit loose in front, well from behind. Would present himself better in a full coat.



02.06.2018 Estonian Winner -18

judged by Bas Bosch, Belgium
Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High "Yoda"



01.06.2018 Tallin Group Show 

judged by Bas Bosch, Belgium
Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High "Yoda"

Exc, CQ, CAC, Best of Breed! New Estonian and Baltic Champion!

So proud of E - litter daddy! 

Yoda is now FI, LT, LV, EE, BLT CH at the age of 2½ !

Congratulations to co-owner Päivi for the wins and thank you Kata for showing him! 



16.06.2018 Salo AB

Mountain's Pearl Don't Bring Me Down "Theo"
judged by Rodi Hübenthal
Interm1, EXC

15.04.18 Vaasa IDS

judged by Brigit Seloy (8 entries)


Mountain's Pearl SG A Loaded Smile "Saida"

shown by her owner Jannica Norrgård

Open1, EXC, CQ, 2nd Best Bitch, CAC & Res-CACIB! 



They got a heartwarming compliment from the judge 

"You have a very beautiful bitch,  it was the 3rd time Saida was shown & 1st time by her owner. Very proud of both girls! 

01.04.2018 Imatra IDS

Mountain's Pearl Don't Bring Me Down "Theo"

judged by Johnny Anderson
Int1, Exc 

Lithuanian trip in March 2018

"Furi" Mountain's Pearl Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm 17months <3 my precious totally undone little girl had such a fabulous weekend! <3 both siblings exceeded my hopes for the weekend and Furi is now Lithuanian Winner-18 & new Lithuanian Champion! <3 


02.03.18 Lithuanian International Dog Show

Judged by Refet Hadžie 

"Furi" Int1,Exc, CQ, class CAC, Best bitch 2, res-CACIB! 


03.03.2018 Lithuanian Winner show

Judged by Vytautas Baranauskas

"Furi" 💕 Intermediate1, Exc , best female1, best of sex, CAC, CACIB, Lithuanian Winner-18!


04.03.2018 Lithuanian international dog show

Judged by Christian Jouanchicot, FR

"Furi" Int1, Exc, CQ, class CAC, Best female 2, res-CACIB* (confirms as CACIB)


Theo" Mountain's Pearl Don't Bring Me Down 17months <3

Really lived up to his name this past weekend, he started his 1st show in the big boys ring exceeding all my hopes and won Best of breed <3 We even did a lap of honor in the Group ring tail wagging. 


02.03.18 Lithuanian International Dog Show

Judged by Refet Hadžie 


Intermediate1, Exc, CQ, Best male 1, CAC, CACIB, BEST OF BREED 💕!!!


03.03.2018 Lithuanian Winner show

Judged by Vytautas Baranauskas"

Theo" Intermediate1, Exc , best male 2, class CAC, res-CACIB * (confirms as CACIB)


04.03.2018 Lithuanian international dog show

Judged by Christian Jouanchicot, FR

"Theo" Int1, Exc, CQ, class CAC, Best Male 2, res-CACIB* (confirms as CACIB)

By Winner show rules a NEW LITHUANIAN CHAMPION!

18.02.18 Lahti SSKY 95-vuotis erikoisnäyttely

MP SG The Original High "Yoda" co-owned with Minnesland

Judge: Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen

Open1, EXC, CQ, BM-3, CAC




triple strike all in one- so very proud of him! and his co-owner!


Lahti 14.1.2018 (Lahti group 1 & 2)

Judge: Nina Janger

Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High "Yoda"

Open1, EXC



Vilnius Winter Show 17.11.2017 INT Lithuania

Judge: Olga Grin, Rus

Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High "Yoda"

Open1, Exc, CQ, class CAC



Vilnius Winter Cup 16.11.2017 INT Lithuania

Judge: Helen Tonkson, EE

Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High "Yoda"

Open1, EXC, CQ, BM-1, CAC, CACIB, Best of SEX!



Helsinki 10.12.2017 Finnish Winner 2017

Judge: Gunnar Nymann

Mountain's Pearl SG Sure Fire Winner "Knight" owned by mr. Tamura

Open-2, VG



Helsinki 8.12.2017 Helsinki Winner 2017

Judge: Carina Andersson-Rapp

Mountain's Pearl SG Sure Fire Winner "Knight" owned by mr. Tamura

Open-2, VG



Narva 26.11.2017 NAT, Estonia

Judge: Volodymyr Shiyan

Mountain's Pearl SG Sure Fire Winner "Knight" owned by Mr. Tamura

Open EXC1, BM1, CAC, BOB, Finnish & Estonian Champion!! 

Knight has hunted CAC's in seven shows and received 3 CAC's in Finland and 3 CAC's in Estonia. He has two confirming CACIB's from Finland and one CACIB from Estonia. He also has A/A hips and 0/0 elbows. Could not be more proud and happy to send him to Japan with such a results. It will be heartbreaking goodbye in January but he has a wonderful family who has waited long for him



Narva 25.11.2017 NAT, Estonia

judge: Refet Hadzic

Mountain's Pearl SG Sure Fire Winner "Knight"

Open1 EXC, CQ, BM1, CAC & Best Of Breed

So proud! So happy! 😍

with a wonderful critique!

"Compact, Good size, correct porportions, very good head & expression. Good position of the eye. Correct bite, long enough neck, good position in the croup. Correct angulations, parallel, but little bit soft in the rear today. Correct front, free movement."



Tampere INT 26.11.2017 Hau-Hau Dog Show 2017

Judge: Noel Beggs

Mountain's Pearl The Original High "Yoda"

Open-3, EXC



Tampere NAT 25.11.2017 Hau-Hau Dog Show 2017

Judge: Carsten Birk

Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High "Yoda"

Open-3, EXC



Tarto INT 05.11.17 Estonia judge: Elin Normannseth

Mountain's Pearl SG Sure Fire Winner "Knight" owned by Mr. Tamura

Intermediate 1, EXC, CQ, Best male 1, Best of BREED! CAC & CACIB!


"2 years, very good looking guy. Typical head, dark pigmentation, correct set eyes, very dark. Very good body, filled out nicely in the chest, strong bones & feet. Correct topline & dewclaws. Moves correctly like pyreneese. Great coat, correct markings."



Tartu INT 04.11.2017 Estonia

Judge: Ann Ingram, Ireland

Mindy des Gorges de Cauterets "Mindy"

Jun1, Exc, CQ, JCAC, BOB Junior, Best of Sex

Mountain's Pearl SG Sure Fire Winner "Knight" owned by Mr. Tamura

Intermediate 1, EXC, CQ, Bm-2, Res-CACIB


"Well balanced dog, very nice type, lovely head & expression. Strong neck, well layed shoulders, good bone & feet. Great topline, strong hindquarters, moves really well! Would prefer looser curl in his tail carriage. Really nice type, could be in better coat. "



Seinäjoki 28.10.2017 INT

Judge: Maritha Östlund-Holmsten

Mountain's Pearl SG A Loaded Smile "Saida" owned by Jannica Norrgård

Int-2, VG



Jyväskylä 15.10.2017 INT

Judge: Igor Mioc

Mountain's Pearl SG Sure Fire Winner "Knight" owned by mr. Tamura




Jyväskylä 14.10.2017 INT

Judge: Billy Henderson

Mountain's Pearl SG Sure Fire Winner "Knight" owned by mr. Tamura




Hämeenlinna 8.10.2017 Group 2&9

Judge: Tapio Eerola

Mountain's Pearl Don't Bring Me Down "Theo"

Jun-1, EXC



Riga Winner, Latvia 30.09.2017 INT

Judge: Zaur Agabeyli

Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High "Yoda"

Int-1, Exc, CQ, BM-3, CAC



Hyvinkää 17.9.2017 Group 2&3 

Judge: Ernestas Balsiukas

Mountain's Pearl Dare To Risk It All "Mörö"

Jun-1, Exc, CQ, CAC, Best of Breed!



Tallin INT 23.09.2017 Estonia

Judge: Tina Peixoto, Portugal

Mindy des Gorges de Cauterets "Mindy"

Jun VG



Haapsalu NAT 10.09.2017 Estonia

Judge: Tino Pehar, Cro

Mindy des Gorges de Cauterets "Mindy"

Jun VG



Haapsalu NAT 09.09.2017  Estonia

Judge: Dragana Vasiljevic, Serbia

Mindy des Gorges de Cauterets "Mindy"

Jun1, Exc, CQ, BOB Jun, JCAC, BOS



Tallin 03.09.2017 Group show, Estonia

Mindy des Gorges de Cauterets "Mindy"

Judge: Sergej Vanzha, Slovakia

Jun1, Exc, CQ, BOB Jun, JCAC, BOB



Luige NAT 02.09.2017 Estonia

Judge: Sebastian Harnik

Mindy des Gorges de Cauterets "Mindy"




Helsinki 2.9.2017 Let's Go 2017 NAT

Judge: Pirjo Aaltonen

Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High "Yoda"

Int-1, EXC



Joensuu 13.8.2017 ELO-KARELIA  NAT

Judge: Katja Rozman

Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High "Yoda"

Int-2, VG



Joensuu 12.8.2017 ELO-KARELIA INT

Judge: Marleen Collins
Mountain's Pearl SG The Original Hight "Yoda"

Int-2, Exc, CQ, BM-3, Res-CAC



Druskinkai INT 06.08.2017 Lithuania

Judge: Valentin Fedorov, BY

Mountain's Pearl Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm "Furi"

Jun-1,  JCAC, BOB Jun,  making her Lithuanian & Latvian Junior Champion at the humble age of 10months 2days 



Druskinkai INT 05.08.2017 Lithuania

Judge: Juan Naveda, ES

Mountain's Pearl Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm "Furi"

Jun-1,  JCAC, BOB Jun



Druskinkai INT 04.08.2017 Lithuania


Mountain's Pearl Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm "Furi"

Jun-1, VG



Pori 29.7.2017 INT

judge: June Wall

Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High " Yoda"


Helsinki 28.7.2017 Eukanuba Summer Show 2017

Judge: Joao Vasco Pocas

Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High "Yoda"

Int-1, EXC 



Ogre 15.07.17 NAT, Latvia

Judge: Vija Klucniece, Latvia

Mountain's Pearl Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm "Furi" made her debut into show rings

Jun1, EXC, CQ, JCAC & Best Of Sex (Ogre Junior Winner-17)


Karjaa 9.7.2017 NAT

Judge: Tenson Helin

Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High "Yoda"

Int-1, EXC, CQ, BM-1, BOS, CAC



SSKY Specialty 9.7.2017

Judge: Nedim Suta

Mindy des Gorges de Cauterets "Mindy"

Jun-1, EXC, CQ, BB-1, CAC, Best of Breed!



Riihimäki 1.7.2017 INT

Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High "Yoda"


Int-2, EXC




Kotka 17.6.2017 INT Kotkan Ruusu


Mountain's Pearl Dared Faith Trust n Pixie Dust "Pixie"

HP, Best of Breed Puppy!

Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High "Yoda"

Int-2, VG

Mindy des Gorges de Cauterets "Mindy"

Jun-1, EXC, Best of Breed Junior!

Echo de'Chien Bewitched "Wicca"

Ch1, Exc, CQ, BB1, CACIB Best of Breed



'Tammela 10.6.2017 Suomen Pyreneläisten Specialty


Mountain's Pearl Dare To Risk It all "Mörö"

HP- puppy 2, BMP-2

Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High "Yoda"

Int- G

Mountain's Pearl SG A Loaded Smile "Saida" owned by Jannica Norrgård

Int-4, EXC

Mindy des Gorges de Cauterets "Mindy"

Jun-2, EXC

Echo de'Chien Bewitched "Wicca"

Ch-2, Exc, CQ, BB-4



Helsinki 20.5.2017 Royal Canin Show

Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High "Yoda"


Int-2, EXC, CQ, BM-4, Res-CAC



Hamina 20.5.2017 INT

Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High "Yoda"

Int- 2, EXC, CQ, BM-2, Res-CAC, Res-CACIB



Imatra 15.4.2017 INT

Judge: Peter Berchtold

Mountain's Pearl SG Sure Fire Winner "Knight" owned by Hirofumi Tamura
Int-1, Exc, CQ, BM-3, CAC!



 Lahti 25.3.2017 INT


Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High "Yoda"

Intermediate-2, EXC, CQ, BM-4, Res-CAC


Dog: Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High " Yoda" co-owned with Päivi Silfverberg



Helsinki 11.12.2016 Finnish Winner 2016 




Helsinki 10.12.2016 Helsinki Winner 2016


Jun1, EXC, Helsinki JUNIOR WINNER 2016



Jyväskylä 13.11.2016 International Dog show

Jun, EXC



Jyväskylä 12.11.2016 International Dog show

Jun-1, EXC



Lahti 29.10.2016 International Dog show


Junior 1 EXC



02.10.2016 Tuulos Group show

judge: Saija Juutilainen, FI




3rd CAC <3  6th show

10.09.2016 Porvoo AB

judge: Colm Hastings


Jun1, EXC


04.09.2016 Riihimäki INT
Judge: Ovesna Jaroslava, Czech



Jun1, EXC, CQ, BM2, CAC 


2nd CAC! Congratulations to his mommy Päivi for a wonderful job!



27.08.2016 Helsinki AB

judge: Einar Paulsen


Jun1, EXC


21.08.2016 Heinola AB

judge: Hilkka Salohalla


Jun1, VG


20.08.2016 Kouvola AB

Judge: George Schogol, Georgia


Jun1, EXC, CQ, BM1, CAC, Best of Sex !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3



 9 months old. Very nice type. Correct bite. Good pigmentation on the nose, need better pigment in the lips. Correct proportions, angulations. Very well angulated on the front. Correct length of tail. Moves with power from the side. Nice almond shape eyes. Well set ears. Correct length of neck. Correct angul. In the front. For its age good build  in the body. A bit short in loin, correct croup, tail set. A bit unstable on front. Nice temperament. Very promising.




13.08.2016  Raisio AB

Judge: Martin Margaret, Ireland


HP, BOB- Puppy


Nice overall outline. Correct proportions. He has a promising head of correct of correct skull and lenght of muzzle. Dark almond eyes. Black nose. Black lips. Corret scissors bite. He stands on very good legs and feet. Very good bone. Top line is correct. Good tailset and carriage. Double dewclaws. Correct coat. He moved very well and he is a very promising puppy❤  


Photo Johanna Lehtonen


17.07.2016 Mäntsälä AB
Judge Paavo Mattila

BOB puppy with HP

03.07.2016 Karjaa AB

Judge Johan Juslin

BOB puppy with HP

19.06.2016 Kotka Int

Judge: Rafael Paulino Escar Tabuena,Esp

BOB puppy with HP



Dog: Echo de'Chien Bewitched "Wicca"

27.03.2016 Lappeenranta INT


CH1, Exc, CQ, CACIB, BB-1, BOS



Leni Finne + 2 trainees

(Kimmo Mustonen & Taina Nygård)




"Erinomaiset mittasuhteet, sopiva luusto, oikealinjainen pää,. Oikea pigmentti, miellyttävä ilme. Oikein kiinnittyneet korvat. Riittävä eturinta, oikeanmallinen rintakehä, Hieman nouseva vatsalinja. Polvikulma voisi olla selkeämpi seistessä. Hyvät kannukset, Kova karvanlähtö. Taka-askel voisi olla hieman tehokkaampi."

20.03.2016 Latvia INT



judge: Zoia Oleinikova

19.03.2016 Latvia INT



judge: Joanna Szczepanska-Korpetta



12.03.2016 Nurmes Group show


Judge: Juha Putkonen


Exc, CQ, Ch1, BB2






sorry for lack of photo, one from when we got home


09.01.2016 Kajaani INT

Judge: Elina Haapaniemi

Exc, CQ, CH1, BB1, BOB

only dog with CQ & very honest critique


Dog: Echo de'Chien Bewitched "Wicca"

Echo de'Chien Bewitched "Wicca" placed high in two countries! 


#1 Pyr Bitch with 95 points, #3 of all pyrs in Finland

Best of Sex - in pyr 2015 competition


She started her show year last june

at our Speciality show placing BOB under Elena Vespa out of 38 entries, BISS under Michel Thebault,

Vantaa BOS under Leni Finne,

Jyväskylä BOS under Alain Pecault

& of course placing

BOS at Finnish Winner under Liliane de Ridder-Onghena 


She also got in top10 at Estonian Pyr competition with one show weekend winning EEW-15 title & placing BOS at their speciality under Salvatore Giannone finalizing her placement in the competition thus,


#2 Pyr Bitch, #6 of all pyrs in Estonia

06.12.2015 Finnish Winner


Judge: Liliane de Ridder-Onghena


Ch1, Exc, CQ, BB1, BOS, CACIB


Finnish Winner-15!

05.12.2015 Helsinki Winner


Judge: Irene donné 


Ch4, Exc, CQ

22.11.2014 Jyväskylä INT


Exc, CQ, Ch1, BB1, CACIB

Best of Sex


Judge: Alain Pecoult

04.10.2015 Tuulos Group show

Exc, CQ, Ch1, BB-2


Judge: Paavo Mattila

05.09.2015 Vantaa NATIONAL


Exc, CQ, Ch1, BB1, BOS

Judge: Leni Finne


"Beautiful type, lovely carriage in movement, sweet expression, adequate front, excellent hind angulations, lovely topline & neck & ocified dewclaws. Nice gait & arroundera.  Not in her best coat today. "

30.08.2015 Tervakoski INT


Ch2, VG


Judge: Tapio Eerola


She was in too short a coat & too playful in the ring bouncing more up than going forward, super thanks to Kata for helping me out when my knee is busted.

08.08.2015 Joensuu INT


Judge Jari Laakso, FI


CH1, Exc, CQ, BB-2, Res-CACIB



my bikini dream strut her stuff well

06.06.2015 Finnish Pyrenean Speciality Show, Tammela Finland


Judge: Elena Vespa, IT


Exc, CQ, BB1, BOB


Judge: Michel Thebault, FR


Best in Speciality Show-1!


oh be still my beating heart!

30.05.2015 EPLK Speciality

Tallin Estonia


Judge: Salvatore Giannone, FR




Shortlisted for best expression


30.05.2015 Estonian Winner-15

Tallin, Estonia


Judge: Liliane de Ridder-Onghena, BG


Exc, CQ, CH1, BB1, CACIB, EEW15, BOS



Dog: Anayet Patou de l'Orri "Yeti"


30.08.2015 Tervakoski INT


Judge: Tapio Eerola


Ex1, Ch1, No CQ


too straight pasterns

08.08.2015 Joensuu INT


Judge: Jari Laakso, FI


Exc, CQ, Open1, BB1, BOB




Dog: Anayet Patou de l'Orri "Yeti"


Yeti's last CAC was invalidated (by my choice i didn't fight it back) as our suprise litter was born 27 days from the last show & Finnish guidelines state 30 days to calculated birthing, none the less the puppies were born 5 days premature but i chose not to contest the annulment. 


She's such a pretty girl she will surely hit the shows with as great a success next year as she did this summer, gaining 3 CAC from 3 shows.


So Yeti has 2 CAC officially anymore 

23.08.2014 Kouvola National


Judge: Vincenzo Parmiciano


open1, Exc, CQ, BB-2, CAC

Finnish Champion!



this result has been anulled because of our suprise litter!



26.07.2014 Saarijärvi National


Juge: Roberto Schill


Open1, Exc, CQ, BB1, BOB


our 1st CAC



Dog: Echo de'Chien Bewitched "Wicca"


26.07.2014 Saarijärvi National


Juge: Roberto Schill

Exc, Ch1



25.07.2014 Helisnki National


Judge: Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa


CH1, Exc, CQ, BB1, CAC, FI CH !


Wicca finished her International Champion title!


Now making her LT W-13,

C.I.B.* BY CH and once CAC from being FI CH 

(along that LT CH, EE CH)



31.05.2014 Estonian Winner-14


Exc, CQ, CH1, BB-1, BOS!



Judge: Nadjia Timmermans-Kadenko, NL


31.05.2014 Estonian EPLK Speciality


Exc, CQ, CH1, BB-2 

res-best expression


Judge: Renate Chiodi, NL

21.04.2014 Imatra Int


Exc, CQ, CH1, BB1, BOS, 



Judge Elena Ruskovaara



Dog: Chenespace Raison d'Etre "Chino"


31.05.2014 Estonian Winner-14


Exc, CQ, CH-1, BM-3, CAC


New Estonian Champion!!


Judge: Nadjia Timmermans-Kadenko, NL

31.05.2014 Estonian EPLK speciality


Exc, CH-2


Judge Renate Chiodi

23.03.2014 Latvian International Dog show


Judge: Anatoly Zhuk, BY




FINALLY we did it!!!!


International Champion

22.03.2014 Latvian Winner


Judge: Fabrizio La Rocca, IT



Latvian Winner-14

21.03.2014 Latvian FCI2 Group show



Judge: Otakar Vondrous, CZ



Latvian Champion

23.02.2014 Jyväskylä Int


Exc, CQ, CH1, BM-2




Godelieve De Wit-Bazelmann, NL



Excellent type, size & proportions. Masculine head, good ears, eyes and dentition. Could have a bit more filling under the eyes. Excellent pigmentation. Excellent angulations. Nice forechest & correct depth of brisket. Correct bone, front feet could be stronger, ok dewclaws. Excellent coat. Regular movements making the wheel.


Dog: Anayet Patou de l'Orri "Yeti"


30.06.2013 Tuusula National



Jun2, Exc



Judge: Saija Juutilainen





1-v, malliltaan oikea, hyvä luustoinen, ikäisekseen hyvä runko. Narttumainen, kaunislinjainen pää, hyvä pigmentti ja purenta. Kaunis niska ja ylälinja. Oikea karvanlaatu. Hieno häntä, liikkuu kauniilla ryhdillä, riittävällä voimalla luonnollisesti vielä kapeasti

Stjepan Gregovic
Stjepan Gregovic

12.01.2013 Ljubljana Int, Croatia


BOB puppy! 


Anayet started her journey to Finland, her new life in front of her with us, thank you Jenna (Pet Pursuit) for the help and Stjepan for trusting her in our hands.




Dog: Echo de'Chien Bewitched "Wicca"


© Jonna L. training with the talented Sofi Laakso
© Jonna L. training with the talented Sofi Laakso

03.08.2013 Iisalmi Int




judge: Elina Haapaniemi



21kk vanha, erittäin hyvä koko, mutta esitetään hyvin karvattomassa ja hieman kevyessä kunnossa. kaunis pään muoto, oikea purenta, hyvät silmät mutta muoto voisi olla hieman parempi. hyvä raajakorkeus, hyvä ryhti, mutta hieman lyhyt. hyvä kirsupigmentti, kaksoiskannukset ok, hieman liioitellut takaliikkeet. Tarvitsee uuden turkin.


30.05.2013 Tuusula National


int2, VG


Judge Saija Juutilainen 



19kk. malliltaan oikea mutta tänään vielä kovin keskeneräinen. oikea pää ja ilme, hyvä pigmentti ja purenta. jäntevä ylälinja. rintakehä voisi olla syvempi. sopivat kulmaukset ja käpälät. erinomaiset vahvat takaknnukset. turkki kesäkunnossa. erinomainen luonne, hieno ryhti, vielä kapea. erinomainen liike

16.06.2013 Aura Group show


Exc, CQ, BOS, CAC! 


Judge: Angela Mcnally, Ireland


Correct head & muzzle, exc V-shape of the head. Correct earset & size of ears. good dark eyes and nose. well boned with good straight front. Adequate chest for the breed and typical rear. correct coat. exc topline. well set tail. Moved with purpose and grace. lovely tail carriage. Exc speciment of the breed.

 © Maarja Kalma
© Maarja Kalma

02.03.2013 Lithuanian Winner!

Exc, Int1, BB1, BOS, CAC, CACIB

Lithuanian Winner 2013!

Judge: Svetlana Postarnakova, Lithuania

24.02.2013 Minsk, Belarus Int

Exc, Int1, BB1, BOB, CAC, CACIB!

Judge: Beata Petkevica, Latvia

NEW BY CH @ 16months!

23.02.2013 Minsk, Belarus Int


Exc, Int1, BB3, CAC

Judge: Zhanna Bondar, Belarus




Dog: Chenespace Raison d'Etre "Chino"



03.08.2013 Iisalmi Int




Judge: Elina Haapaniemi



Hieman yli 2 vuotias valkoinn beigein merkein. Vielä selkeästi nuori uros joka esitetään hienossa karvassa. Hyvä tyyppi. Sopiva raajakorkeus. hyvä pään muoto. hyvä silmien muoto mutta ilme saisi olla pehmeämpi. hyvä purenta. hyvät huulet. hyvä korvien sijainti. hyvä kaula ja ylälinja. sopivasti kulmautunut taka-osa. kaksoiskannukset ok. liikkuu terveesti, mutta hieman haluttomasti kuumuudessa. 

chenespace oy
chenespace oy

30.06.2013 Tuusula National



Exc, CQ, Ch3, BM-3, CAC






Judge: Saija Juutilainen





2-v, kaunis linjainen nuori uros, jolla korkealaatuinen pää ja ilme. Hyvä purenta ja pigmentti, erinomainen rintakehän pituus, eri. luusto ja käpälät. kaksoiskannukset, hieno hännän malli. Kaunis karva, ja väri. Liikkuu kevyesti oikealla ryhdillä.


16.06.2013 Aura Group show

Exc, CQ, BOB, CAC!


Judge:  Angela Mcnally, Ireland


correct head- shape with correct length of muzzle. Good dark eyes and nose. Correct sloping stop. has large bone and good straight legs- exc chest, good thick coat. correct angulations. Well set tail, carriage and good steady movement. Excellent example of the breed. 

01.06.2013 Estonian Speciality show


judge: Sue Hewart-Chambers

Ch3, Exc



01.06.2013 Estonian Winner 2013


Judge: Irina Polateava, Finland


CH2, Exc, CQ, BM3


27.03.2013 Lahti Int


Ch3, VG

Judge: Hannele Jokisilta 


"out of coat and in slim shape"

24.02.2013 Minsk, Belarus Int


Exc, Int1, BM1, BOS, CAC, CACIB!

Judge:   Beata Petkevica, Latvia




             BY CH



23.02.2013 Minsk, Belarus Int


Exc, Int1, BM2, CAC, Res-CACIB

Judge:  Zhanna Bondar, Belarus


Dog: Echo de'Chien Bewitched "Wicca"


15.09.2012 SSKY Speciality


Jun1, Exc, CQ, BB3, Res-CAC


Judge: Saija Juutilainen



10kk todella korkealaatuinen juniori. Kauniit linjat. Sopiva runko ja luusto, kulmaukset ja käpälät. Erinomaiset vahvat kaksoiskannukset. Kaunis ilmeinen nartun pää jossa oikeat linjat. kuono saa hieman täyttyä. Hyvä purenta ja pigmentti- kaunis pitkä häntä. Liikkuu sujuvasti hyvällä askelpituudella säilyttäen ylälinjansa mallikkaasti. Viehättävä luonne. Hyvöä karvanlaatu.



Kouvola National 18.08.2012


Exc, CQ, Jun-1, BB-2, Res-CAC!


Judge: Marja Talvitie



Erinomainen tyyppi, Hyvä nartun pää & ilme. Pysty olkavarsi. Hyvä säkä. Hyvät takakulmaukst. Kaksoiskannukset. Vielä kovin kevyt runko.

Hyvä karvanlaatu & häntä.




Jelena Muceniece
Jelena Muceniece

05.08.2012 Pärnu Int, Estonia


Exc, BOB Junior, BB-2! JCAC


Judge: Lyubov Terentjeva, Russia

04.08.2012 Druskininkai Int, Lithuania


Exc, CQ, BOB Junior BB-2, JCAC

Judge:  Pedro Sanches Delerue, Portugal



03.08.2012 Druskininkai Int, Lithuania


Exc, CQ, BOB Junior, BB2, JCAC


Judge:  Maite Gonzalbo, Spain

Helsinki Puppy show 17.05.2012



with excellent critique from judge Marianne Holm


"excellet type and strong boned with ideally typical effortless movement"

Lahti Puppy show 06.05.2012

PP, BB2 


handled by Kata Lahikainen

Wicca started her show debyt in Lahti puppy show against 7 entries!

She was in the two only bitches that got Promotion Prize


she did great and I am very proud of her!




Dog: Chenespace Raison d'Etre "Chino"


Mari Kallioinen
Mari Kallioinen

10.11.2012 Jyväsylä Int


Exc, int1

(only two males in total got EXC)


judge Gunnel Holm



Nuortenluokan uros, jolla hyvä ylälinja. Hieman leveä kallonosa. Hieman pyöreähköt silmät, mutta tummat.Hyvä nenäpigmentti. Hyväetuosa. Hyvät kannukset. Hyvälaatuinen karvapeite. Hyvät eturaajojen liikkeet. mataloituu juostessaan.






29.09.2012 Eckerö Int


Exc, Int1, CQ, BM-3


Judge: Elina Haapaniemi



18 kk valkoinen blaireau. Maskuliininen nuori uros, jolla vielä hieman lyhyt runko. Voimakas silmä ja nenä pigmentti. Hieman kova ilme. Tarvitsee hieman lisää kaulaa, ja vähän suora olkavarsi. Hyvä purenta. Hyvä runko ja takaosa. Oikeanlaiset tuplakannukset takana. Liikkuu kauniisti mutta tarvitsee hieman lisää draivia. Esitetään

kauniisti kunnostettuna.



15.09.2012 SSKY Speciality


Intermediate class Exc1, CQ!


Judge: Saija Juutilainen



18kk kaunislinjainen nuori uros. Miellyttävä kokonaisuus. Oikea rintakehän muoto. Mukavassa jäntevässä kunnossa. Tyypillinen raajaluusto ja kulmaukset. Tiiviit käpälät, hyvin sijoittuneet kaksoiskannukset. Hyvin kaunis uroksen pää. Oikea silmien muoto, vaaleat vilkkuluomet. Hyvä purenta ja korvat. Riittävä hännän pituus, kaunis kaari liikkeessä. Hyväkarvanlaatu ja väri. Liikkuu hyvällä askeleella ja ryhdillä. Hyvällä voimalla ja yhden suuntaisesti.


Heinola National 19.08.2012



Exc, CQ, Jun-1, BM-1, BOB & CAC!


Judge: Irina Poletaeva





Excellent type. Typical head. A bit too open eyelids. Correct definition. Excellent pigmentation. Excellent outlines. Ribcage is very well developed for his age. Correct angulation and movement. Excellent coat and texture. Double dewclaws. Exc. presented.



Kouvola National 18.08.2012


Exc, Intermediate 3


Judge: Marja Talvitie



12.08.2012 Raisio National




Judge: Milivoje Urosevic, Serbia


a judge who personally i would never enter a dog to again, very fast and groping with all the participants.

Jelena Muciniece
Jelena Muciniece

05.08.2012 Pärnu Int, Estonia


Intermediate 1, Exc, CQ, BM-2


04.08.2012 Druskininkai Int, Lithuania


Intermediate 1, Exc

03.08.2012 Druskininkai Int, Lithuania


Intermediate1, Exc

14.07.2012 Forssa National


Exc, CQ, Jun-2, BM-3, Res-CAC 

Judge: Ligita Zake, Latvia


"Correct type & proportions. Good size, strong masculine head, muzzle is filled enough under eyes, could have more typical expression. Enough volume in body for his age, enough angulations, typical movement and temperament."

Tanja Paasonen
Tanja Paasonen

Järvenpää National 27.05.2012

Exc, Jun-2, BM-2


Judge Maria Talvitie


"pysty olkavarsi"


-Sorry no shots from the ring but Tanja snapped a shot of Chino and his brother Reino side by side



20.05.2012 Riihimäki Group 2&9 Show


Exc, CQ, BM-2, Res-CAC

Judge: Katrin Lahi, Estonia


"An excellent and balanced junior male"

Lahti National 06.05.2012



Judge: Joseph van Hummelen


"At the moment abit high on legs"

08.04.2012 Lappeenranta National

Exc, CQ, Jun-2, BM-2, Res-CAC

Judge: Elina Ruskovaara

Jelena Muceniece
Jelena Muceniece

17.03.2012     Latvian Winner 2012

Exc, Promotion Prize, BM2, JCAC, 

Judge Beate Petkevica


Latvian Junior winner-12

Latvian Junior Champion

Baltic Junior Champion





11.03.2012  Lithuanian CACIB show

Exc, BM, BOB, JCAC ---

Judge Kirill Barbosov, Russia


presenting our newest champion:





10.03.2012 Lithuanian Winner

Exc, BM1, JCAC


Lithuanian Junior Winner 2012!

Lithuanian Junior Champion

Estonian Junior Champion


Judge Pettko Csaba, Hungary


"Excellent promising male with a perfect side gait"





15.01.2012   Tartu National, Estonia



Judge John Jakobsen, Norway


"An excellent male who needs a little more practice and self confidence"




14.01.2012     Tartu National, Estonia

Exc, BOB-Junior, BOB! with Junior CAC!


Excellent critique from Anita Witmarsh, Sweden


"a gorgeous boy with a very bright future ahead of him"


Dog: Chenespace Raison d'Etre "Chino"



18.12.2011   Vilnius Christmas Cup, Int

Very good

17.12.2011   Vilnius Winter Show, International dog show

Exc, Jun1, BOB Junior with JCAC!

04.12.2011     Finnish Winner

Exc, HP, BOB puppy

No photo available












18.09.2011 Heinola Speciality

BM1, baby class1 with HP! 

24.07.2011  Estonian Speciality

for French Shepherds

and Guardian dogs


BOB baby, BIS-baby!!!



Dog: Lumienkelin Bumerangi "Pulmu"


24.07.2011 Estonian Speciality for French Shepherds and Guardian dogs




Dog: Danza Conlobos Ataciara Alapa "Luna"



18.12.2011   Vilnius Christmas Cup, International Dog Show

Exc, Ch1, reserve CACIB + class CAC!




17.12.2011   Vilnius Winter Show, Lithuania International Dog show

Exc, BB1, Ch1, CAC + CACIB! 



our 1st CACIB! so happy!!!

We are really in good condition now and in full coat finally!!

09.10.2011 Lithuania, Siauliai

Exc, BB1, BOB, CAC!


We are so happy and proud !

08.10.2011 Latvia, Valmiera

Exc, BB1, BOB, CAC ---> Latvian Champion!!!


Dog: Danza Conlobos Ataciara Alapa "Luna"




12.09.2010    Porvoo AB

                      Open2 EXC

                      BB3 res-CAC



11.09.2010    Vantaa AB


                      (she was the only VG rest were G)


11.07.2010    Tarto National, Estonia

                      BB1, BOB!



10.07.2010    Räpina National, Estonia

                      BB2, CAC

                      EE CH title filled!



03.07.2010    Harju National, Estonia

                      BOB with CAC



17.04.2010    Sillamäe National, Estonia

                      BOB with CAC


14.02.2010    Tallin INT

                      Open1 EXC

                      BB2 res-CAC res-CACIB




Dog: Danza Conlobos Ataciara Alapa "Luna"

16.08.2009     Joensuu INT

                       Youth2- VG


15.08.2009     Joensuu AB



01.08.2009     Pori INT



11.07.2009     Lahti Speciality



05.07.2009     Hyvinkää AB



04.07.2009     Tuusula AB

                       Youth1-EXC BB3 res-CAC!


13.06.2009     Kotka INT



23.05.2009     Helsinki INT



Dog: Lumienkelin Bumerangi


16.08.2009 Joensuu INT



15.08.2009 Joensuu AB



01.08.2009 Pori INT




13.09.2008     Porvoo AB 

Dog: Danza Conlobos Ataciara Alapa



13.09.2008     Helsinki groupshow

Dog: Danza Conlobos Ataciara Alapa

                       Jun1-Exc BB3 res-CAC!


24.04.2008     Helsinki puppy show

Dog: Danza Conlobos Ataciara Alapa

                       BOB puppy!

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