Mountain's Pearl Don't Bring Me Down "Theo"

DOB 04.10.2016  DOD 08.12.2022



Rives d'Eaux Albus Tiwaz Ostara 


Echo de'Chien Bewitched


No words to describe the pain or to tell the tale....


Vi'Skaly's Hold My Beer "Bisse"

DOB 04.06.2019 DOD 18.06.2020

Pedigree: Noran du Val de Montserrat

(Gardayan des Grands Corents & Isabeau du Val de Montserrat)

Rivergroves Sendakyssto Vi'Skaly's

(Rivergroves the Name of The Game & Vi'skaly's Triple Sunrise Illusion)


Breeder: Pernilla Sandström & Ingela Mattisson-Sandström


Died in a tragic accident .

I was prepared to survive anything but you...

30.10.2011-30.10.2019              Echo de'Chien Bewitched


Yesterday was the day that turned into tragedy, morning started off celebrating Wicca's birthday, playing in the field with the pack and her running in the lead. After a sunny morning, me & Wicca went in and had a princess nap together fighting over the pillows on my bed and laughing at my selfies to Kata... But I awoke to a nightmare, Wicca was breathing out of rhythm and seemed off - bounced up called the vet got dressed and got her to our front doorsteps when she collapsed to sit - I lifted her 48kg in my arms and started running to the gate when I realized she went limp. After 20min of resasitation and CPR - I had to give up.. I lost the dog of my life... Kata drove to pick me up from the ground and we took her corpse to helsinki to be autopsied for cause of death... Today we got the results via phonecall, She had a metastasized hemangiosarcoma and her right atrium ruptured causing heart failure. Pathologist said it is not hereditary.


Driving back home from the morgue, I recieved a message that a Dutch friend of mine for the past 12 years, Ans had passed... How impossible this all is to comprehend.... The other loss for me is personal, I feel Wicca touched many lives and I am lucky she will live on in her offspring, but none compensate her place in our pack, her place in my heart. Two losses too large to comprehend.... Ans take care of my girl up in heaven for me - as I cannot follow... don't know how i'll survive without you tomorrow....

"if someone asked me to describe you in two words, I'd say... Simply amazing."


Who could have guessed feeding the dogs at 4pm that by 8pm all would be lost... Chino (Chenespace Raison d'Etre) was lost tonight to Gastric Torsion...It had gone too far, the drive took too long. Devastated, 3rd pyrenean for me... With feeding rituals in question by myself, even though amounts and water pre-added in kibble with raw meat being half the diet....



Still brings so many many thoughts all welling in my mind..... So tired. So overwhelmed. Never thought my happy just nearly veteran age Chino could be lost in such an instant..... Thank god Kata was there with me, crying my eyes out. Special thanks for his breeders for giving me such a gem that I could proudly call my own, even if our time together was robbed short.


Riva du Grand Tendre "Riva"

You lost your will to fight and live, we battled this for weeks. This morning when you didn't stand, i knew i had to choose. Just crushed we didn't get more time, than these 2 months together....I would have loved you for always and forever.


God saw you getting tired

The last cure was not to be...

So he put His arms around you 

And whispered "Come to me."

With tearful eyes I watched you

As you slowly slipped away

And though I loved you dearly

I could not make you stay.

Your golden heart stopped beating

Your tired paws were put to rest.

God broke my heart to prove to me

He only takes the best.... 

Diagnosis from autopsy was IMHA & IBD.

Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia in Dogs (IMHA) acts rather similarly to Addison's. In Addison’s disease the body attacks its own adrenal glands. Similarly, IMHA is a blood disorder where the body attacks its own red blood cells – cells that are critical for carrying oxygen throughout the body. Mimicing many autoimmune diseases.

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is not a specific disease. Rather, it is a specific reaction that the stomach or intestines have to chronic irritation. The chronic irritation that causes IBD stimulates the body to send cells from the immune system to the affected area. With the immune system attacking itself because of IMHA- she did not respond ideally to any of the treatments. 

It seems like an end of an era to say good bye to Pepita....

She has been with us from the very beginning, born 29.01.2004 she lived past 14 years....


We finally said goodbye to her 02.07.2018 due to prolapse of a vaginal tumor..


There are no words to say goodbye to someone so special.







So i say farewell.

Sadly missed you will be...

Pulmu arrived to our house 10 months old, and she taught me more about this breed, the soul and brain work of an LGD, my  signals and the old 90's type of the Pyrenean by temper that is lost in so many lines, mostly by conscious breeding choices to make our breed a more adaptable dog for the current society.


This last spring, even more so this last week has gone in a fog between tears and nightmares. This spring we found that our grand old lady developed growths on her left side, growths that very quickly disturbed her. During the past weeks of fixing and medicating the scratched (and yes protected but she chewed all materials away) surface of the skin, the growths were found to be fast, aggressive and malignant. Within weeks, the growth had metastasized to three directions and instead of surgery date we sadly had to say good bye to her.


To give her the possibility of having a pain free life. Remember her as the lively and stubborn lady that she was. Still this self appointed matriarch of our pack, had such life in her - it brought tears to both our eyes  to make the choice to put her down with our vet. Even more so as she wagged her tail the last time under anesthesia. 


As any surgery would have only resulted in giving me- more time, i could not be selfish but had to let her go. It would have been an extension of weeks or months as not all metastasized growths could have been cut out due to skin changes having expanded so largely. It would have been time for me to mourn during her convalescence. 

- Grief is the price we pay for love...  So farewell, until i see you in my version of heaven...

Our oldie moved on to pastures new...

"Niilo" Pindaros Dream Images 12.06.2002- 10.02.2017 


Niilo literally walked in to our lives one day, & we never looked back. He moved to our lives at the age of two & after deserving his trust, he gave us all of his heart. 


We could not have asked for a more wonderful dog, who was supported by the most wonderful breeder.


Never a dull moment, this little man could out run any pyr during playing, even at 12- years of age. Only during his very last year, our little tin man aged. Turned nearly blind, lost weight & the power in his step.



Thank you for all your years, you will be never forgotten!


With devoted heart & loyal spirit, comes a time for great loss.


The truest lesson you have taught is to love unconditionally & to grieve & survive.

Those truest of hearts that too soon changed to stars

Anayet Patou de l'Orri "Yeti" 13.06.2012-10.05.2016


Yeti was my dream come true, a love i thought i had completely lost - never to be found after the loss of Luna in 2011.


Another spirit, image portrayed, so alike in manners, she always made me smile. Yeti was one of those once in a life time dogs. She ruled our yard along side her BFF Wicca, & when she was lost to gastric torsion during the night... Our entire yard was shattered.


For nearly a month around 2:20 am our entire yard began to howl as if to mourn. Even to this day - from time to time, i wake up to Wicca still crying after you , This is saying much as Wicca doesn't really bark, but for you she would always sing to the moon. Never before in her years, but after your loss - this always brings me to tears. 


With your loss, i never could bare, i truly hope you are happy up there. Rest in peace my love, as there is no solace for us who are left missing you.


My gentle giant, how i miss you....

Mountain's Pearl SG If I Had You








Melody was loved & co-owned by my dearest friend Kata Lahikainen


What a tragedy it was to loose a life so young....




Never thought that a heart so big could ever stop beating....

Danza Conlobos Ataciara Alapa    "Luna"


My 1st and most precious Pyr girl, Luna passed away suddenly on christmas night.

30.11.2007 - 24.12.2011

There is a time to leave this earthly home, 
take a place in the sky to call your own, 
You see the sun too shines for you,
at night fall the moon will cry too.


You were taken too young & you left us too fast.

This pain is too much, the sorrow too vast.


Forgive me now, darling of mine,

i just couldn't save you this time.


Sadly missed you are already you see--
no other matriarch as brilliant as you will ever be.


Rest in peace my love, 

the stars are waiting for you, 

i'll look for the brightest one tonight,

and i know you'll be watching over too.


A poem of her on my blog!

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