Our tin soldier moved on to pastures new...

"Niilo" Pindaros Dream Images 12.06.2002- 10.02.2017 


Niilo literally walked in to our lives one day, & we never looked back. He moved to our lives at the age of two & after deserving his trust, he gave us all of his heart. 


We could not have asked for a more wonderful dog, who was supported by the most wonderful breeder.


Never a dull moment, this little man could out run any pyr during playing, even at 12- years of age. Only during his very last year, our little tin man aged. Turned nearly blind, lost weight & the power in his step.



Thank you for all your years, you will be never forgotten!


With devoted heart & loyal spirit, comes a time for great loss.


The truest lesson you have taught is to love unconditionally & to grieve & survive.

Those truest of hearts that too soon changed to stars

Anayet Patou de l'Orri "Yeti" 13.06.2012-10.05.2016


Yeti was my dream come true, a love i thought i had completely lost - never to be found after the loss of Luna in 2011.


Another spirit, image portrayed, so alike in manners, she always made me smile. Yeti was one of those once in a life time dogs. She ruled our yard along side her BFF Wicca, & when she was lost to gastric torsion during the night... Our entire yard was shattered.


For nearly a month around 2:20 am our entire yard began to howl as if to mourn. Even to this day - from time to time, i wake up to Wicca still crying after you , This is saying much as Wicca doesn't really bark, but for you she would always sing to the moon. Never before in her years, but after your loss - this always brings me to tears. 


With your loss, i never could bare, i truly hope you are happy up there. Rest in peace my love, as there is no solace for us who are left missing you.


My gentle giant, how i miss you....

Mountain's Pearl SG If I Had You








Melody was loved & co-owned by my dearest friend Kata Lahikainen


What a tragedy it was to loose a life so young....




Never thought that a heart so big could ever stop beating....

Danza Conlobos Ataciara Alapa    "Luna"


My 1st and most precious Pyr girl, Luna passed away suddenly on christmas night.

30.11.2007 - 24.12.2011

There is a time to leave this earthly home, 
take a place in the sky to call your own, 
You see the sun too shines for you,
at night fall the moon will cry too.


You were taken too young & you left us too fast.

This pain is too much, the sorrow too vast.


Forgive me now, darling of mine,

i just couldn't save you this time.


Sadly missed you are already you see--
no other matriarch as brilliant as you will ever be.


Rest in peace my love, 

the stars are waiting for you, 

i'll look for the brightest one tonight,

and i know you'll be watching over too.


A poem of her on my blog!

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