My soulmate is dead...

My heart is dead,

she died tonight, 

of all-- she died on christmas night.


The keeper of my heart,

you always dried my tears. 

You never showed me any of your fears.


You saved me so many times,

when life was too hard and i just couldn't bare.

For me-- you were always there.


No matter what happened,

or where life took us, 

never did i worry as all of you were safe with us.


How to live without you,

i don't think i'll know.

Not for a year or so.


You suffered so much, 

you were taken too quick from us.


My queen,

my dream,

in all your flaws you spelled perfection. 

Nothing on this land escaped your detection.


How empty our yard seems,

not a bark not a sound.

How dreadfully silent,

this yard is de-crowned.


My mate,

my love,

my most precious child. 

I am so sorry i couldn't fix things tonight.


You were not meant to leave,

i am sure of that. 

If god was alive,

he'd have made sure of that.


The pack has been howling,

half the night after you.

Trust me my darling,

I've been crying too. 


My life, 

my love,

my most precious child. 

If i could,

i'd sell my soul to save you,

but where ever you are--

there's no pain for you.

Good bye my sweet darling,                                                     

tonight the moon bleeds.                                                     


Today's storm felt like the fury,                                                     

my heart was going thru.                                                     


My life,                                                        

my love,                                                        

my most precious child,                                                        

maybe one day the sun will shine too.                                                        




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