Thank you everyone for your wonderful words and condolances!

Luna's sisters owner Heli did us a nice photo, thank you for it.



Also so many other sweet friends have sent their love and care day after day for us, thank you for that too.


Special thanks to Kata, Tanja and Marion who have been living with me thru this day after day <3


and Karin, i don't know what you are upto with the photo but i know i will love it!!


thank you everyone!


My soulmate is dead...

My heart is dead,

she died tonight, 

of all-- she died on christmas night.


The keeper of my heart,

you always dried my tears. 

You never showed me any of your fears.


You saved me so many times,

when life was too hard and i just couldn't bare.

For me-- you were always there.


No matter what happened,

or where life took us, 

never did i worry as all of you were safe with us.


How to live without you,

i don't think i'll know.

Not for a year or so.


You suffered so much, 

you were taken too quick from us.


My queen,

my dream,

in all your flaws you spelled perfection. 

Nothing on this land escaped your detection.


How empty our yard seems,

not a bark not a sound.

How dreadfully silent,

this yard is de-crowned.


My mate,

my love,

my most precious child. 

I am so sorry i couldn't fix things tonight.


You were not meant to leave,

i am sure of that. 

If god was alive,

he'd have made sure of that.


The pack has been howling,

half the night after you.

Trust me my darling,

I've been crying too. 


My life, 

my love,

my most precious child. 

If i could,

i'd sell my soul to save you,

but where ever you are--

there's no pain for you.

Good bye my sweet darling,                                                     

tonight the moon bleeds.                                                     


Today's storm felt like the fury,                                                     

my heart was going thru.                                                     


My life,                                                        

my love,                                                        

my most precious child,                                                        

maybe one day the sun will shine too.                                                        





Available puppies at kennel Echo de Chien!

Still 4 gorgeous puppies available at kennel Echo de Chien in Estonia for showing and Family homes!!!

Born 30.10.2011 and ready to leave to their new homes at new years! 1 bitch with such expression that melts your heart in one glance and three beautiful strong males. 


The puppies are all registered, checked by the vet and microchipped along with being Campbell puppytested. Hope these four gorgeous siblings of our upcoming Wicca will find their perfect homes! 


Especially Beau Martin! 

Vielä vapaana, 4 ihanaa pyreneittenkoiran pentua etsivät rakastavia koteja! Rekisteröity, sirutettu ja eläinlääkärin tarkastamia. 

Syntyneet 30.10.2011 ja luovutus ikäisiä vuoden vaihteessa Very Happy 

1 narttu ja 3 urosta Echo de Chien kennelin B-pentueesta Virosta, etsivät vielä näyttely kuin perhe koteja. 

Pentujen vanhempina ovat CH Gabriella Mia La Joie Blanche & CH Carretou du Neouvielle. 
Vapaana olevat pennut ovat Echo de'Chien Bianca / Beau Martin / Bel-Esprit / Bariton 

Echo de Chien Bianca: 


Echo de Chien Beau Martin: 


Echo de Chien Bel-Esprit: 


Echo de Chien Bariton: 


Pennut ovat kaikki luonne testattu Campbellin pentutestillä, Pentutestistä enemmän tietoa tässä linkissä: 

Pennuista löytyy yksittäisiä lisä kuvia Facebook Albumissani : 

ja yhdistelmästä ja sukutaulusta enemmän tietoa kennel sivuillani : 

jos kiinnostuit, tai haluat tietää lisää niin rodusta kuin yhdistelmästä, ota rohkeasti yhteyttä: 

Marion-Silvia Diener, tai soita ja kysele! 

Iloista ja rauhallista joulua ja uutta vuotta kaikille!


Visiting Marion!

On our way back to Finland and home, we stopped by at Marion's to see our precious Wicca!


Can't wait to have her home!





She was the 1st pup i looked at when she was born and the 1st one that caught my eye when i entered the room.



Perhaps she was meant to be.




That's why she's EDC Bewitched, my little Wiccan girl...


Vilnius Winter & Vilnius Christmas Cup, double CACIB

We left for another dog show trip in the Baltic countries with my dear friend Kata from Kennel Solargift's.


Winter CACIB was on saturday,

Luna was BB1 exc, CAC + CACIB, BOB!! We got out 1st CACIB!


Chino had his 1st Junior class, and was BOB Junior with his 1st JCAC! Emily was BOS Junior with her 2nd Lithuanian JCAC!


Kadi-Liis Säre, my dear mentor and helper over the years thanks to Marion (one of her dearest friends) helped me with my TT coats! Thank you! Grooming was flawless!


Kadi helped me and showed Pepita, and she was Open1, Exc BB2 CAC + CACIB! Niilo was Best male with CAC! so both did wonderfully!

Sunday was Christmas Cup and we did just about as well,


Luna got reserve-CACIB and class CAC and placed Championclass1 with excellent.  Chino got VG with hope for improvement!


Pepita got reserve-CACIB with gorgeous critique and Niilo was Best Male with CAC + CACIB!


Kata's Precious Emily was BOB Junior on sunday and got her 3rd Lithuanian JCAC making her LITHUANIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION and thus also LATVIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION at the age of 11 months!!! CONGRATS to both the breeder, Marion in Kennel Echo de Chien as well as her happy and wonderful owner Kata at kennel Solargift's!!!!


Can't wait for our trips next year! Dog shows are best done in great company!


Finnish Winner

We took part in Finnish Winner on sunday in puppy class with Chino. We were BOB puppy but the big dog show did nearly get the better of us. So alot of training and some more training on that and we are ready for the real shows!


Echo de Chien B-litter born today!

copyright Marion-Silvia Diener
copyright Marion-Silvia Diener

My dear friend Marion had her long waited B-litter at kennel Echo de Chien in Estonia today!!!!!!


the dam is Gabriella Mia La Joie Blanche and the sire is Tiina's own golden boy Carretou du Neouvielle at kennel Soulman's!


The litter can be followed from here!


Congratulations on the wonderful BIG litter to both owners and parents!


this litter will be followed closely and we hope to introduce you all with Wicca before the end of this year!


Latvia & Lithuania tour

We headed towards Latvia on friday morning from Finland. Travelling in the best of company, with Kata Lahikainen from kennel Solargift's !


We had both my Tibetan Terrier's and Luna with me, and we also had Kata's EDC Amelie Queen and her brother EDC Avangard King along for the ride.


Saturday Luna was BOB (CAC), Aslan being BOS(JCAC), and Emily being BB2 (JCAC) with great critique!


Tibetan terriers, Pepita got VG and Niilo EXC without CQ

Sunday in Lithuania we did just as well and more!




Luna was BOB with CAC, Alsan BOB Junior and Emily BOS Junior with both recieving their lithuanian Junior CAC's as well.




Tibetan terriers did ok as well, Pepita beat her competition on the 2nd day winning BOB with CAC! Niilo got VG.


Heinola Speciality Show


Chino was BM1 in baby class with Honour Prize!




Thanks again for Juulia's handling! And it was a wonderful day all in all, stayed to watch the whole of American Akita speciality as well, so we had a wonderful day with wonderful people, thru and thru!


Hilde Stenstad sent a great e-mail!

What a way to cheer up an otherwise so badly gone week! Hilde has put such effort in and made us a litterplan photo <3 !!


I want to thank her for doing this it is wonderful, and for the rest of the photos she sent of Morris that i will now put on my litter plans pages in his albums. What a lovely gestrure!!! Cannot wait to be able to finally meet her in person and have this long waited and fully searched and planned litter finally mated and done. That is still a few months away until Luna should have her heat but we will be ready and waiting!


Thank you Hilde S.


Luna's future mate Morris SE CH!

© Hilde stenstad
© Hilde stenstad


Congratulations to Hilde Stenstad for this wonderful result, and on their 1st try to Sweden!




Puppy meeting @ Chenespace

We had a wonderful day with Chino and his siblings and their owners at kennel Chenespace in Loimaa. Measured and weighed all the pups and had a fun day watching them play and drinking coffee. 


Thanks to everyone who was there :)


Pulmu turned 3 years!

This happy puppy had a happy day on her birthday!!!!






BIS 1 Baby Chenespace Raison d'Être

© Tiina Haak
© Tiina Haak

Chino was BIS Baby 1 at the Estonian Speciality for French Shepherd and guardian dog breeds. The judge was Alain Pecoult with a wonderful critique, we got a cute trophy and everything!






Pulmu, Lumienkelin Bumerangi also entered, openclass 1 exc no placement in BB ring but we had fun !!! (click to see Pulmu's photo)


A wonderful pyr fur filled weekend!

Our trip started early on friday morning with Pulmu & Chino. Picking up an American Akita called Zumba, our precious friend (EdC Amelie Queen) Emily and her owner Kata. 

We were at our dear friends house by noon. Shopped and dropped. made wonderful food. Had a wonderful time, as always. And suffered from lack of sleep as always! :)


Thanks again Marion for taking all of us in!



it's been a bit hectic this week...

We are taking care of my hubby's sisters lab mix this week and this one year old has a tad bit of energy to share around the house...


Pulmu isn't a fan of black dogs so we've had to partially separate some of them and juggle everyone around after work so everydog can spend the day out. Now that's a challenge ;)


But Niki's sweet and adorable, and even spite of the extra work he is a joy to have around the house (for this week ;) ).


Can't wait to get on the road in July <3 it's been ages since i have been in Paris and i can't wait to get there again! It will be an amazing roadtrip, but as all trips, i have mixed feelings of exitement, joy, anticipation and sorrow. Leaving my dogs for the 1st time for more than 24h seems incomprehensable. In Luna's entire life time the longest i have been apart from her has been last weekend's 26h trip...  Pulmu i have parted from occasionally along with the terriers while going to visit Marion for the weekend with Luna in Estonia, but to be away for over a week will be tough for me i am sure.


Now along with our new puppy, whom i miss every minute of my work day along with our other dogs, the family to be missed, along with my husband, on my road trip is big and beautiful <3 I can't wait to get on the road as i have the best of company and the best of friends along for the ride. Thank goodness for a great family and husband who will manage the house while i am gone <3


Janne's sister and kids and Niki will come help Janne out while i'm on holiday :)


Pyr club's summer day at Aulanko holiday village was a success!

We had a wonderful time with Chino and his three siblings with their owners. On top of these furry babies there were a few pyrs from Chenespace Q-litter and N-litter with their owners, Minna and her furry foursome from kennel River d'Eaux and the other Minna from kennel Domacos with her two gorgeous daughters and pyrs. A few more made an appearance on saturday but the rest of us spent the night there.


Very much sleep deprived, but joyful, we returned home from our fun mini vacation!


Tuulikki got some gorgeous photos of Chino and we got to measure him as well! the boy turned 3 months and was officially measured 48.5cm and weighed 18.1 kg... we 1st got 17.4 and i had for the lack of a better excuse removed my Crocs between weighing myself and taking the dog in my lap xD


XOXO <3                  (open page for the rest)

Very happy and content with how our boy is growing up... poor lad did rather well in standing photos concidering it was nearly +30 degrees in the day time...


Chino got his own page

Our baby arrived about a week ago, and has settled in the house well.


He has so much attitude and stamina that i can nearly guarantee he won't grow up modest or shy! LOL! He's quite the character and in a very short time he has taken over our house and hearts in the best sense of the word.


So excited about this little one, and can't wait to show him off in the ring. I think with his "hello world, look at me" attitude, he's going to be fun to show with!


i'll keep you all posted with how our progress is going, this macho man has already tried peeing with his leg up, LMAO when it happened.



Our 1st male pyr is finally arriving in a matter of days!

© Chenespace, Juulia Salonen
© Chenespace, Juulia Salonen

Introducing Chino!


the newest member to our furry family, we are so greatful for this gorgeous promising male puppy from Chenespace R-litter!


I cannot wait for these few weeks to roll by and finally get our boy home to us!


it's been a long wait, but as they say, good things are worth waiting for! and this one is definately worth it!


Dreaming and waiting...

we have so many plans in the air and waiting that at times i feel as if i can hardly breathe---


but there is nothing else to do but wait.


Luna's heat,

our upcoming puppy,

our house to sell,

new house and dreams to buy and more and more renovations....


how's a woman supposed to be able to wait CALM and patient!


Turku Int

Got to help out Tiina by taking V'iskaly's Top Tempranillo & Soulman's Tinkerbell to the show for her. Got to see the always as lovely Chenespace girls, and the rest of the lovely friends in the pyr circle including Marika. It was also nice to see Pulmu's breeder and sister, it's been a long time. All in all had a great day with the youngsters and got to really run :)


Litter plans changed

Got a fabulous response to an e-mail that i was waiting on like on hot coals!


Now i begin to edit my Litter plan pages! The male has been changed!


i want to thank Laila for being with me thru this and even thu the change of males! Want to wish Chiachi's upcoming litter all the best and best of luck to Laila and the furry ones. And to thank Hilde for this wonderful upcoming opportunity! Won't be long, i'm so exited i think i'm going to work all night thru <3


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