it's been a bit hectic this week...

We are taking care of my hubby's sisters lab mix this week and this one year old has a tad bit of energy to share around the house...


Pulmu isn't a fan of black dogs so we've had to partially separate some of them and juggle everyone around after work so everydog can spend the day out. Now that's a challenge ;)


But Niki's sweet and adorable, and even spite of the extra work he is a joy to have around the house (for this week ;) ).


Can't wait to get on the road in July <3 it's been ages since i have been in Paris and i can't wait to get there again! It will be an amazing roadtrip, but as all trips, i have mixed feelings of exitement, joy, anticipation and sorrow. Leaving my dogs for the 1st time for more than 24h seems incomprehensable. In Luna's entire life time the longest i have been apart from her has been last weekend's 26h trip...  Pulmu i have parted from occasionally along with the terriers while going to visit Marion for the weekend with Luna in Estonia, but to be away for over a week will be tough for me i am sure.


Now along with our new puppy, whom i miss every minute of my work day along with our other dogs, the family to be missed, along with my husband, on my road trip is big and beautiful <3 I can't wait to get on the road as i have the best of company and the best of friends along for the ride. Thank goodness for a great family and husband who will manage the house while i am gone <3


Janne's sister and kids and Niki will come help Janne out while i'm on holiday :)

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