Disney Litter was born!

Our puppies are here!

Disney Pentueemme syntyi!

04.10.2016  meille aamun sarastuksessa syntyi varsinainen tasa-arvo pentue! Kahdentoista jalkapallojoukkueeseen mahtui kuusi narttua ja kuusi urosta, myös kuusi kokovalkoista ja kuusi värillistä. Kolme kustakin väristä on kauniisti jakautunut sukupuoliinkin tasaisesti!


Vielä mahdollisesti yksi narttu vailla omaa kotiansa & 3-4 urosta!

Disney litter was born!

04.10.2016 our litter saw it's 1st rays of dawn. What an equality litter thru & thru. Out of the twelve person soccer team we got six bitches & six males. Six colored & six white. 3/3 of there are both male & female. 


We still have one female available along with 3-4  males!


Boys rocked Riihimäki & Wicca's pregnancy got confirmed!

Ultrasound showed us quite a few puppies so we are hopeful to have some beautiful, healthy babies!

While we were celebrating my husband's birthday, our team kept the flag high at Riihimäki International Dog Show!
Jonna Virtanen entered Nooa, Päivi Silfverberg our co-owned Yoda who lives at her place, & one cannot forget Kata Lahikainen my BFF who entered her boy Romeo (Chabarrou Patou de l'Orri).  C.Tarbesan won Best Male & Yoda placed 2nd recieving his 2nd CAC & Romeo caught BM3 with a res-CACIB that turns to his very 1st CACIB from the very 1st possible show! 
Nooa was at an IDS for the 1st time ever in open class & recieved an excellent qritique!

Proud of you all <3

Mountain's Pearl SG All-Kinds-Of-Fur

"Nooa" owned by Jonna V.


Open1, EXC

Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High

"Yoda"Co-owned, loved & Showed by Päivi S


Jun1, ECX, CQ, BM2, CAC

Chabarrou Patou de l'Orri

"Romeo" is a part of our MP family along with his owner Kata Lahikainen.


Int1, EXC, CQ, BM3, res-CAC, res-CACIB*


*Turns to his 1st CACIB! 


Wicca is hopefully hanging her showleads up & we can prepare for Octoberfest at the Milkbar!

Successful mating!

EDC Bewitched

Rives d'Eaux Albus Tiwaz Ostara



Tales of Grimm- litter 2 years!

Happy birthday to my very 1st litter of Great Pyrenees <3 What a trip it has been!


Nooa, Navi, Hukka, Luca, Elmo, Morris & Lyra! Kiitos ihanat kasvatin omistajat että olette pitäneet hyvää huolta rakkaista<3


Wicca's glory wall 2015


The last of the Challenge Cups arrived!

What a year 2015 was for Wicca & I!


She placed high in two countries for Pyr of the year! The Cup for Best of sex in the Pyr 2015 contest arrived today!


#1 Pyr Bitch, #3 of all pyrs in Finland. She started her show year last june at our Speciality by placing BOB under Elena Vespa (in the middle), Best in Speciality Show under Michel Thebault (the plate behind). She placed well in the fall at the few shows the was entered <3 Vantaa BOS under Leni Finne,

Jyväskylä BOS under Alain Pecault & of course placing BOS at Finnish Winner under Liliane de Ridder-Onghena giving her the BEAUTIFUL blue cup on the left & FIW-15 title <3


She also got in top10 at Estonian Pyr competition with one show weekend! 

Winning EEW-15 title & placing BOS at their speciality under Salvatore Giannone finalizing her placement in the competition to #2 Pyr Bitch, #6 of all pyrs in Estonia.

Now <3 to get her name engraved on each to add to the list under such true gems & names as Marcus etc.... 


Truly humbled to be looking at them <3 but even more blessed to have such a great CHARACTER & persona as Wicca in my life <3 Knew from day 1 when she was born that she was mine & never looked back! Thank you Marion-Silvia Diener, she's my true gem- not for these Cups or trophies or titles, but because she is my Wicca !


Thanks Kata Lahikainen for bringing it!!!


Most of all i guess i have to say i feel very greatful to have such wonderful people in my life & many breeders in Finland & abroad who truly genuinely have been happy to be part of our success! This is showing- a wonderful hobby together- at it's best! 



Definitely worth celebrating don't you think!??!!!!



thanks for all your support!


Estonian Winner-2016

We had a great trip to Estonia with the girls, Kata showed "Knight" to perfection at the EPLK -specialty winning Best of Breed & Best in Show puppy under Helge Verner Hagen. 

Päivi Silfverberg came along with us & got to show Respera at both shows, placing him Intermediate 1st with Exc critiques. 
At speciality they won the special prize for BEST MOVER. We got a wonderfully in depth explanation about how it was clearly visible to see Respera is in the pastures with his sheep all the time, as he is mobile all the time & his movement has such power - which almost brought a tear to my eye as his breeder. 

Couldn't thank the girls for a better weekend, not to mention for both of them helping me by showing my boys! <3 

We rocked it, Kata's Romeo won his JunW-15 title & his JCAC & finished his EE JCH & BALT JCH titles at the age of 12months!


& super thanks for Marion for having us over for the night AGAIN! 


xoxo girls <3 over & out


Easter show among friends

Me & Kata drove to Lappeenranta, Imatra for an international dog show this easter. It's located right near the boarder to Russia. We were going to judge Leni Finne, a respected judge among the breed, who today had 2 new trainees for the breed- Kimmo Mustonen & Taina Nygård. It was very nice to hear the judge pass on knowledge of the breed- type- expression & dewclaws & ears.

Today Romeo & Respera only got EXC, no CQ as they both have a bit of growing up to do still- Wicca placed as BB1 & BOS & Chenespace Tarbesan won BOB & later BIG-2!


As it was easter me & Kata made all of us a double chocolate mignon cheesecake with Easter theme! Zhanna & her husband came from Russia to compete & won BM-2 with their 2nd Finnish CACIB, & Susanna won her 2nd CAC's for both the Echo de'Chien E-litter kids of hers. So it was a nice day for all! The rest of the cake i stuffed to Petra & her team of workmates at Showlink stand- it was fabulous as always to see my TT- breeder <3


xoxo, over & out!


Conquered Latvia in a flue

We drove to Latvia on friday ready & roaring for a double international dog show. 

We stayed at the most beautiful guesthouse in Adazi with a fenced yard & tub & sauna & everything a girl can dream of. Roadtripping with Kata- it's been exactly 2 years since our trip to Latvia where Tarmo, Emily & Chino all finalized their CIB! 

This trip Wicca got her Latvian & thus Baltic CH titles, Respera got his very 1st CACIB - also Latvian CAC to wait for him to turn 2. Romeo got his Latvian Junior Ch title & Vette won her 2nd CACIB on sunday. We got everything we came there for! Latvia definately was good to us this trip!

Sunday we drove to stay the night at Marion's in Kennel Echo de'Chien. It is always fabulous to meet friends & we were very happy to be able to stay the night! Wish i would have had more energy from the flue to sit & talk with Marion for longer- seems that our trips are always too short!

Have to say extra thanks to my BFF Kata for this weekend as I couldn't have LITERALLY done it without her. She showed all 4 pyrs on both days as my knee surgery is still keeping me out of the rings.- 


Thanks hon'!


Chino turned 5 years old!

A true gem he has been for this new family of ours- our hubby's sisters' son who has lived here soon 2 years- has always been Chino's favorite- grown together- learned together- sleep together. Can a boy & a pyr ask for more while growing up together?




The Road to discovery, English GPS is the best- Welcome NERMS (Nurmes)

We started off early in the morning from our home here in Janakkala to Nurmes Group show (440km). Classically with the most trusted company a girl can find- BFF & her sidekick Romeo.  We had nothing to gain from the show, but met both Minna's & got to witness Salmi's girl Henni finalize her FI CH & Vettenranta's male Jafar win his 1st CAC! Congrats again, if you're reading!

We drove our ass off, met Kristiina Pervilä on site, & Wicca got her fair share of fans (mainly children as usual.


Next weekend we have a road to discovery - & are travelling to Latvia so wish us luck!!


xoxo, Vikki


Wicca BOB at Kajaani INT

We went to Kajaani INT with Wicca, Respera, Romeo & Vette. Of course not even a question who was the co-pilot, our very own Kata!

Wicca got an excellent critique, so did the rest of the pack & to top it off, we had a wonderful trip & a cabin we spent the night in!


Couldn't be happier with my girl, but most of all just love these trips we do!


xoxo, MP show team


Christmas is coming & it's time for updating big time so here goes!

Kata's been helping me plan spring 2016 & it seems we are starting our touring once more! So hoping to see many of you wonderful friends & breeders around the world at Winner shows & such on our travels! 


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