Almost forgot to update!

Anayet Patou de l'Orri "Yeti"   did a hat trick, 3 CAC from 3 shows after another, what a way to start her show career! 

1 x BOB, 2 x BB-2 after the ever so lovely Trulli from Chenespace, could not be happier!


Super thanks to Stjepan, her breeder for trusting her in my hands!


our girls hit the shows


EPLK & Estonian Winner show tour

Chino won his CAC from Estonian Winner show as BM-3 & Wicca won the EE W-14 title & CAC & CACIB making her get a triple threat- Estonian Champion, Estonian Winner-14 & the most coveted of all- INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!


Estonian Speciality went almost as expected, Wicca did wonderfully placing behind the beautiful Varjomäen Elle as BB-2 & Chino was 2nd in Champion class with Exc.


We had a fabulous day, Milla was 6th in Child & dog competition with Wicca, & Kata & Karma got Exc in their ring as well.


Dreams do come true!

We began our journey to Latvia early friday morning 21.03 with Mirka Grönroos & my dearest and closest friend Kata Lahikainen. In our car we had Chino & Emily in pyrs, Tarmo our TT, Karma Kata's AA and Mirka's two lovely Flat Coated Retriever girls Aada and Eve (also familiar to you who have been following our news for years, she travelled to Latvian Winner-12 with us as well).


We set up camp at Valentina 15 as always, and got a great deal for their cellar suite that fit the six of us travelling along side eachother. What a great way to be able to spend also our dear friends' Maija's birthday and meet a few of her friends. It is amazing how well 10 dogs and 6 ladies fit into a 100m2 space with great company a fireplace and nice tile flooring.


We began our triple show weekend at a FCI2 Group Show in Riga. Chino and Emily placed best of breed and best of sex under Otakar Vondrous making them both Latvian Champions and finalizing Emily's Baltic Champion title!


The evening we spent settling in, and getting ready for the biggest show of the weekend- Latvian Winner dog show!


Must admit I had little expectations as Tarmo wasn't in the best of coat and Chino was in his semi bikinis! But WOW did they make me proud! Chino placed Best Male under Fabrizio La Rocca from Italy and Best of Sex with his 3rd CACIB and Latvian Winner-14 title!


Not an hour later, Tarmo did just the same under Mona Selbach, NO! Making him Latvian Champion, Latvian Winner-14 and no less than INTERNATIONAL Champion!

Emily placed BB-2 on saturday with her 4th res-CACIB, couldn't be prouder of this girl, and so lucky to have her as the dam of my 1st litter.


She has such grace in her movement and Kata showed her girl so well!

On sunday we rocked the house, Kata's Karma got Exc both days (my furry little god-daughter). Tarmo won Best of Breed under Sylvie Desserne with CACIB at the Riga IDS.


Mirka's girls got what they came for, placing BB-3 and BB-4 with JCAC and CAC and a sentence on her critiques that is closest to my heart "very well presented"!  Congratulations girl!


But the MOST memorable moment would be, needless to say- Chino and Emily winning Best f breed and best of sex under Anatoly Zhuk on sunday making them BOTH International Champions together!

What a feeling!


Since they were pups they have been a team together, and Kata has been the best travel companion and friend thru out the years, winning Junior Champion titles together, travelling Finland, Sweden and the Baltics together. Ah, what memories, and the adventures are far from over!

Our next big adventure is to have a litter after these two rascals, hoping to get some great bodies and movers!

So happy to get to use Emily, and so thankful to Kata for letting me use her to start my breeding finally after all these years of hardship with my breeding plans!


Somethings seem meant to be, and Team Chimily, is finally coming true!  So happy to have Kata, and exited to have this litter of ours!







Show year finally started

Chenespace Raison d'Être finally kicked off our show year placing as 2nd Best Male with Res-CACIB at Jyväskylä International dog show under judge De Wit-Bazelmann Godelieve from the Netherlands. Chino got wonderful praises for his structure and chest and body and he placed well right behind his gorgeous little (bigger sized) brother, so we couldn't be more proud!

The dam to our upcoming litter placed all the way to Best of Sex with a huge stack of compliments and praises in structure and type. It was Emily's 4th CACIB from only a rare few CACIB shows that she has been entered. Now she has 2 from Lithuania and 2 from Finland, next up Latvian Winner show and hoping to kick some ass there with both Chino and Emily as well as our gorgeous co-owned TT boy Tarmo!

Photo: Mari Kallioinen permission: Tanja Pasuri
Photo: Mari Kallioinen permission: Tanja Pasuri

Tanja Pasuri & Strondafjordens Esprit de Luna showed in their last junior ring, placing Best Male-3 with Res-CAC.



It was the 1st time Tanja showed this sweet little boy herself so as a friend I could not be more proud of their success!



Tao got a wonderful very accurate critique and I do believe he has a bright future ahead of him! 


Can't wait to see them again soon! 





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