About us...


We live in Janakkala, near Hämeenlinna in Southern Finland. Been in this breed since 2007, the affix was approved 2010 and our 1st litter was be born 2014. Pyrs have been a dream of mine since I was a baby and after meeting my 1st husband, we finally moved in the country side and started my  life in pyr hair. Our roads parted in 2019 but my home with my dogs remains. There is a longer story of our past, mainly my own in the "About us" subpage. 



Our goals in breeding...


I will always breed small scale. Always try my best to find selectively importable dogs from lines that I see beneficial to my own breeding, that could have some benefit to the already existing gene pool here in Finland. Most of  my imports are co-owned, and this ideology will always remain. The reason for this is that I want to have time to concentrate on each individual at home,  be able to keep promising individuals from my own breeding. In honesty, I think selling dogs with breeding terms and importing dogs with other breeders in co-ownership is beneficial to both parties. The  perfect loving co-owning home ideally has more individual time available for them. 


My aim is to  breed healthy and typical Pyreneans, that are sound in both body and mind. I am dedicated on my own part to keeping the Pyrenean as a livestock guardian breed. We keep a small herd of sheep to learn as much as possible of the interaction & reactivity in our dogs with working capabilities. It is a life long process researching the history, pedigrees and nuances that have built and molded this breed. It is a delicate balance of preserving the breed and continuously working for its future.  We hope that most of the Mountain's Pearl dogs will be health checked as thoroughly as possible, to partially give us confirmation of our own breed work. Under the "litters" page there is "health statistics" which is the statistical tested health's of our own bred Pyreneans. Earliest age for x-rays in Finland is 18 months.


We try to combine dogs that complement each other as well as possible. And I like to think we hold a high standard for our breeding bitches externally and especially mentally, as I believe puppy age has a huge impact on how a dog grows up. Our socialization during these first weeks is done with dedication. This is the reason we also keep our co-owned dogs visiting us often, so our home is their second home and we are a familiar place when their life turns around at birthing. We do our best to have the best start for our puppies, so that they can bring pleasure and joy to their owners or farmers for many many years. 


We currently co-operate with breeders in Finland and around the world. We have imported from Croatia, Estonia, Norway & France. I co-own some of our imports as well as my own breeding with collaborative breeders. I think these kinds of strategic partnerships are crucial to bettering & preserving the breed for future generations.


I am very humbled & honored to have such wonderful breeders around the world take interest in my breeding work. Also lucky to have breeders willing to share their knowledge, their time and their lineage with us. I hope to keep this thirst for knowledge & passion for my breed for many years and be able to co-operate with breeders abroad and in Finland to benefit this beautiful breed to an even brighter future. 

"For those I love, I will sacrifice"

Courses & Merits: 


11/2018           Breeders advanced course accepted

07/2016           Breed standards lecture weekend held by breed club

07/2010           Kennel Name Mountain's Pearl accepted

03/2010           Breeders Course accepted

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