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Trusted Guard Batu  







DOB: 28.04.2022
Colour: Black mantle
Height: 71cm 


The East European Shepherd, also called Vostochno Evropeiskaya Ovcharka or VEO.

”Nelli" 😍

Mother: Moya Zolotaya Molniya LAVINA (28.11.2017.) FCI-RKF - HD A/A - ED 0/0, full scissor bite - FCI breeding license FCI-Titles: LVCh , ESTCh , LTCh , BALTCh, LVJCh , LTJCh (Египетская Царица x Серебряный Bолк Сольвейг Монтерей)

Father: Terra Gardariya BARGUT (18.06.2016.) FCI-RKF - HD A/A - ED 0/0 - LTV 0 (clear) - OC(L7/S1) (clear) - VA 0 (clear) - OCD (clear) - DM N/N (clear) - MDR1 N/N (+/+) (clear) - coat lenght L/l short hair dominantly - DNS profiling - full scissor bite - FCI breeding license Working Titles: (BH/VT, IGP1, UPr1, SPr1) FCI-Titles: RUSCh , ESTCh , BALTCh , BYCh , LVCh , LTCh , PLCh , BYJCh , LVJCh , LTJCh , PLJCh , ESTJCh , RUSJCh , BALTJCh (Monsher Virsal Vilna x Hugo Pamario Vilke)


The both parents comes from well-known and tested Russian kennels whose dogs can be found both in Europe and abroad, in addition with excellent show and training results. Parents have won many exhibition titles, excellent health, character and physique. Father is IGP working dog, Working Titles: (BH/VT, IGP1, UPr1, SPr1), BARGUT (BORGAS) is the first working VEO in Baltic States. 


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