Date of Birth 18.06.2019

ENG (FI comes after)

Mid-summer babies for Wicca & Masi! This is a combination I dreamed of back in 2014, and we are very excited for the puppies to arrive!


Millas du Mas de Beauvoisin has strong bone, a big powerful head and body, a tad "vieux type" in my oppinion, but a feature about him that I love...


Echo de'Chien Bewitched is the dam of our D- and E- litter out of which the most known are probably our "Furi" from D - litter and Edi, Rue & sister Andrea at Cubilon's in Norway. She has produced some lovely dogs, but her best feature that she has passed down- is her temper.


We are hopeful to have solid strong puppies out of these two beauties- ultrasound showed over five so we might have a few available if the litter is big! 


So excited!

Pedigree for combination:



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