Flabbergasted- litter



Born: 17.09.2014


Inbreeding: 0.39% in 6 generations


Born: 3 males & 4 bitches


The dam of the litter is our Yeti,

FI CH, CACIB winner Anayet Patou de l'Orri'


The Sire of the litter is our very own Chino,
C.I.B., FI, BY & LV CH, EE, LT, LV & BALT JCH, LTJW-12, LVJW-12 LVW-14 Chenespace Raison d'Être


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Mountain's Pearl Surprise Party



owned&loved by Hansson&Isometsä


FI55108/14 (KoiraNet)

Health scoring: Hips A/B, Elbows 0/0, Patella lux 0/0, Eyes Clear


Mountain's Pearl Whisper of Hope

owned & loved by family Suvimetsä


FI55109/14 (KoiraNet)

Health scoring: Hips: A/A, Elbows 0/0, Patella lux: 0/0, Eyes Clear

17.9.2014 - 5.9.2021

Eutanasia pahentuneet iho-oireet ja nivelrikko


Mountain's Pearl Master of My Destiny

"Nemo"     RIP


owned & loved by family Silfverberg


FI55110/14 (KoiraNet)





Trauma induced disturbance in growth that was surgically evened in the wrist joint to allow the leg to grow straight at the age of 4months. Put down due to re-occurring pain due to twisted front leg bone.

Mountain's Pearl Never Say Never



Found his perfect match with Mikko Paavonkallio and moved fill his house with pyr hair.


FI55111/14 (KoiraNet)

Health scoring: Hips: A/A Elbows 1/1, Patella lux 0/0, Eyes Clear


17.9.2014 - 15.9.2020    Gastric Torsion

Mountain's Pearl Wishing on a Star

 owned by Meeri Kiviholma


FI55112/14 (KoiraNet)
Health scoring:

 Health:                  tested to have Storage Mite allergy   


17.9.2014 - 10.7.2019  Pahentuneet allergia-oireet ja kortisonin jatkuvan käytön ongelmat

Mountain's Pearl Serendipity



owned by Juulia Niemelä


FI55113/14 (KoiraNet)

Health scoring:




Mountain's Pearl True Strength
"Lempi"             RIP


was put down at the age of 6months after the owner got the pup epilepsy medication without ever testing the puppy for epilepsy. After medication started she had what my vet later guessed could have been anafalyctic shock- due to the fact that she could have also had allergic reaction to the medication.
But she was put down without any document provided or any specialist ever looking at her to be even diagnosed with epilepsy I got the information a month later or so..

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