The Road to discovery, English GPS is the best- Welcome NERMS (Nurmes)

We started off early in the morning from our home here in Janakkala to Nurmes Group show (440km). Classically with the most trusted company a girl can find- BFF & her sidekick Romeo.  We had nothing to gain from the show, but met both Minna's & got to witness Salmi's girl Henni finalize her FI CH & Vettenranta's male Jafar win his 1st CAC! Congrats again, if you're reading!

We drove our ass off, met Kristiina Pervilä on site, & Wicca got her fair share of fans (mainly children as usual.


Next weekend we have a road to discovery - & are travelling to Latvia so wish us luck!!


xoxo, Vikki

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