Latvia & Lithuania tour

We headed towards Latvia on friday morning from Finland. Travelling in the best of company, with Kata Lahikainen from kennel Solargift's !


We had both my Tibetan Terrier's and Luna with me, and we also had Kata's EDC Amelie Queen and her brother EDC Avangard King along for the ride.


Saturday Luna was BOB (CAC), Aslan being BOS(JCAC), and Emily being BB2 (JCAC) with great critique!


Tibetan terriers, Pepita got VG and Niilo EXC without CQ

Sunday in Lithuania we did just as well and more!




Luna was BOB with CAC, Alsan BOB Junior and Emily BOS Junior with both recieving their lithuanian Junior CAC's as well.




Tibetan terriers did ok as well, Pepita beat her competition on the 2nd day winning BOB with CAC! Niilo got VG.

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