Tartu National brought us alot of success!

Niilo BOB Pepita BOS under judge Marie Petersen
Niilo BOB Pepita BOS under judge Marie Petersen

My tibbies made me proud today!


Niilo, Pindaros Dream Images was BOB with a CAC, filling his championships and making him now finally:






Pepita, Pindaros Excellent Me was BOS with a CAC filling her a champion title after also being a home dog all her life!





Our travel brought in 6 new titles for 3 champions in total,


our travel companions filled their ESTONIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION,

 and thus finalizing her


 at 12 months old under judge Anita Witmarsh from Sweden!


Congratulations to Kata Lahikainen at kennel SolarGift's for Emily's new titles!!!! 

Chino our newest edition the the show dogs had a great day in so many ways on saturday in Tarto! 



Under judge Anita Witmarsh with a comment in his critique to warm any heart: 

"A gorgeous boy with a very bright future ahead of him"


On sunday we went in the ring with John Jakobsen, and got a very good VG x)

He gave Chino a wonderful critique all in all, structure wise and he said with alot of training I will surely have a gorgeous show dog in him as he has everything in the right place, just needs a bit more practice to be easy in the ring! 


I am very happy about the critique as he loved Chino, he just needs more practice to show in halls so we lift our tails and are more happy being in the ring all in all!! 

We had a fabulous trip, stopping over to Marion's for lunch at kennel Echo de'Chien and seeing our Wicca's littermates!

Roadtripping with Kata to Tarto, Estonia for the week end.


Most of all, i want to thank once again Kata for a great show trip with me!

Time after time, we just have the best time ever on our road trips.

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