It's truly been a lazy Blogger year sorry guys!


We have had a busy year of many changes, travels, memories, successes and  costly losses. I am hopeful to say we are hoping for a calm rest of the year- No Messari Winner shows for me this year as this fall has been tight on the budget, mainly due to the costly losses of trying to save our gorgeous import. 


Either way, life goes on and we at least found out what was wrong with her (in memoriam page on our  dogs). Now it is time to look  at the past year. On a personal level i have been fighting my demons and facing my depression to a level that I started studying to be a Veterinary nurse. Aiming to study along school to be in Solution Focused Animal Therapy. Treading past my own life, lets sum up Mountain's Pearls past year. 

In April Wicca had her 2nd and last litter, so very pleased with their progress now at 7 months old, all twelve are doing fine (knock on wood)!


Mountain's Pearl got it's VERY FIRST INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION this summer- which was a huge deal for me, our co-owned boy "Yoda" Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High, the father of our E- babies.


We also got our 3rd Finnish Champion 2 days after Furi (MP Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm)  turned 2 years old!

Hoping the 4th one will come early spring- fingers crossed!

We have a few litter plans for next spring, so hold on tight, we should be announcing them in December!

Aiming to have most of the D -litter health checked this winter, and we are hopeful they will be as healthy as they are happy!


Also, got thru the Advanced Breeders course work  last week and it was returned with praises, so could not be more pleased about it, end of this month we are going to a temperament lecture and next year we are starting Solution Focused Animal Therapy school during the weekends. January we are taking part in  Finnish Kennel Club's "Dog Therapy" course. The Kennel Club's dog activity is defined as animal-aided activity. Animal-based activities are mostly voluntary activities with dogs, where practitioners have at least been inducted and have been able to visit special groups for educational or recreational reasons.



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xoxo, Vikki

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