Winner Shows -21

Finnish Winner-2021, judged by Joao Vasco Pocas

Mountain's Pearl Editor's Choice "Edi"

Ch2, Exc, CQ, 2nd Best Male, res-CACIB ❤

handled by Irina Linjala-Hyökki

"3 year old, top quality dog. Very nice head & expression. Amazing head with beautiful eyes. Very wide skull. Fulfilled muzzle. Correct earset. Very nice neck & topline. Correct bone. Nice croup and tailset. Good mover. "


Finnish Winner- 2021 judged by Joao Vasco Pocas


Mountain's Pearl Hard Candy "Kismet"

Jun1, Exc, CQ, 3rd Best Bitch, FI Junior Winner-21 & CAC ❤

Handled beautifully by Irina Linjala-Hyökki

"correct type. 15 months old. very nice expression. skull is a bit flat. correct earset. very good front. good bone and substance. correct croup and tailset. ears are a bit heavy."


Also Helsinki Junior Winner-2021


Finnish Winner-21 Pocas

Mountain's Pearl Every Little Kiss "Rue"

CH-2 Exc

"3 years old. Correct type . Medium size BUT full of bone and substance. Excellent axes and skull. Correct muzzle and ears. Correct front and angulations. Exc tailset and croup.Good mover."


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