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We have a New Champion!

Today at Lahti SSKY 95- year celebration Specialty show our co-owned boy Yoda placed third best male, getting his last needed CAC and making him Finnish, Latvian and Lithuanian Champion all at once! We are so very proud of this boy, and we have enjoyed having him here over the past week. Truly a wonderful temper, strong mind and just like a good wine- improves with time!  Cannot wait for this summer and our WDS trip with this handsome fella and the rest of our team! Special thanks go to our dear friend and collaborative upcoming breeder Päivi Silfverberg at kennel Minnesland who co-owns and keeps Yoda to perfection.  

Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High Health checked!

Yoda was health checked Friday!


Hips B/B

Elbows 0/0

Patella 0/0 

Eyes Clear! <3 


Congratulations and special thank you goes to Päivi for raising such a healthy beautiful boy !!!!

Knight landed in Japan!

Got off the phone with my husband, they had a busy morning <3 ALL went well with the Quaratine officers & both babies got ot out of Narita Airport safe and sound <3


It was wonderful to hear how pleased you both were - especially with little mightly Knight <3 he is so precious to us! My husband snapped a few shots of the 1st moments together out of the crates before the babies departed home & wonderful hosts took Janne for lunch  <3 Cannot wait to see more pictures of them settling down - fell inlove with this paparazzi photo of Toshiko cuddling up to Knight <3 Thank you for all your help & being with us every step of the way <3 Love also the moment of Freya cuddling up to Hirofumi <3 All the best for your future!

Janne with Toshiko when they landed to Narita with Knight & Freya!

They are off.... 😍 i will miss mighty Knight so very much... Hope their travel is uneventful & land safely tomorrow, all three with my husband included 😍😭😍😭😭😭😍💔💓💔💓💔


"Knight" Mountain's Pearl SG Sure Fire Winner

(Echo de'Chien Amelie Queen x Itou de Bigérionnes)

"Freya" Echo de'Chien Freya

(Echo de'Chien Carmen x Chenespace Patron)

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Mountain's Pearl SG A Loaded Smile x-rayed healthy!

Kuulumisia poikien uusista kodeista!

-Kuulumisia on tullut molempien ihanien poikien uusista kodeista ja Luca onkin asettunut kodikseen kerta heitolla ollen heidän poikansa Oliverin paras ystävä ja lempi koira. Luca hakeutuu mieluiten lasten luokse olivat missä tahansa ja koko perhe onkin rakastunut tähän mutkattomaan elämäniloiseen karvalapseen! Kiitos Jasmiina taas kuulumisista!


Repe lähti meiltä Lappeenrantaan Mikon luokse täyttämään tyhjäksi jäänyttä taloa taas pyrren karvoilla, ja uudenvuoden paukkeetkaan eivät poikaa hetkauttanut. Vielä on matkaa ja yhteistä taivalta ja paljon uusia nähtävyyksiä mitä ihmetellä pitkin kylien raittia, mutta niin Mikko kuin Repe on päivä päivältä varmempi että tästä uudesta elämästä tulee toimiva! 

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