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Ultrasound confirmed!

We are expecting puppies on week 17  // Odottelemme pentuja syntyväksi viikolla 17!

for the love of the breed

Just adore these kinds of visits. A whole family takes a day of their time to drive long distance to meet us in person before the litter is born. To come and talk if the breed and us as their breeder are the best match for them. 


What is even better is when these visits are fruitful! When all the things click one by one. On top of sharing the love for our Pyreneans, we also shared a love towards a sustainable lifestyle. We had so much to talk about would have been wonderful to have more time!


Lets hope for puppies and until we meet again!


Mountain's Pearl Don't Bring Me Down "Theo"

Three days, once Best of Breed, twice 2nd  Best male with confirming CACIBs and By Winner show rules a NEW LITHUANIAN CHAMPION!


Mountain's Pearl Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm "Furi"

New Lithuanian Winner- 2018! with Two CACIBs not to mention, Also a NEW LITHUANIAN CHAMPION!


Chenespace Fast and Furious "Dana"

Lithuanian Junior Winner-2018, also new Lithuanian Junior Champion! Congrats Päivi❤


Jetta the pointer!!!! Placed 2nd in Group at the Lithuanian Winner! won 3 CACIBs placed TWICE as best of breed and once as Best of sex! New Lithuanian Champion, Lithuanian Winner-18 and won her 4th CACIB at the 4th show of this year! 

her "bro" Rona was entered only to the Winner show and placed Best of sex with a new bling of a title Lithuanian Winner- 2018!!!!


Could not have dreamed of a better and more successful trip, but the best part of it was sharing it with our team! Päivi and Kata- I guess it is just so easy to understand another - maybe we're all a foot loose in the head (LOL) but i have not laughed this hard, or driven this far in a long long time!!!  Thanks for a bucketful of memories!




Also huge congratulations Inga and Svetlana for Iaslan's & Lucrese's success and her new CIB! It was wonderful to see you again and thanks for a lovely race!


WOWWWEEE WHAT A WEEKEND 😍 On the day that our D- litter turned 17 months  we gained two new Champions for my breeding 💕❤😍❤💖🙌 so so soooooo very proud 😍


By calculations we have had a WONDERFUL past 5 months on our breeding front! Knight started right after turning 2 in November by finalizing his Finnish and his Estonian Champion titles with three confirming CACIB from two countries he left us in January to go to Japan! 💖 Right after in December his brother Yoda rocked in Lithuania and gained his second CACIB (second country). In February he finalized his Champion titles by beating his brother and adding Finnish, Lithuanian AND Latvian Champion titles on his name!!!!


Now just a few weeks after our babies were finally hitting the show rings after a long time (Theo's been in a group show once as a Junior). We hit the triple IDS weekend at Lithuanian Winner shows and GAINED two more Champions for Mountain's Pearl! One more Winner- title 💖 Yoda gained a few of them at the Finnish Winner show weekend 2016- but WOWWEE! could i be more proud!?


Now we just wait and wait a few more weeks for our Ultrasound 💖 we are very much hoping to have some puppies out of our beautiful Wicca & our home bred Yoda! 


💖 saa nuorisosta olla kyllä kasvattaja olla kovin ylpeä!!!


We have a New Champion!

Today at Lahti SSKY 95- year celebration Specialty show our co-owned boy Yoda placed third best male, getting his last needed CAC and making him Finnish, Latvian and Lithuanian Champion all at once! We are so very proud of this boy, and we have enjoyed having him here over the past week. Truly a wonderful temper, strong mind and just like a good wine- improves with time!  Cannot wait for this summer and our WDS trip with this handsome fella and the rest of our team! Special thanks go to our dear friend and collaborative upcoming breeder Päivi Silfverberg at kennel Minnesland who co-owns and keeps Yoda to perfection.  

Mountain's Pearl SG The Original High Health checked!

Yoda was health checked Friday!


Hips B/B

Elbows 0/0

Patella 0/0 

Eyes Clear! <3 


Congratulations and special thank you goes to Päivi for raising such a healthy beautiful boy !!!!

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