MP It's Gotta Be Love "Pepper" won her 1st Junior show as BOB!

Pepper won her 1st show as BOB in Hungary! 

Pepper is loved and owned by dear Alexandra Boros!


All the best for her ! <3

New year started with Max In Latvia!

12.03.2022 Riga IDS, Latvia

judged by Satu Ylä-Mononen, FI


Mountain's Pearl Inspire Me "Max" (Rue x Riepu) 10 months

Exc, JCAC, Best Of Breed


loved and shown by his co-owner Lea Purstokangas

Winner Shows -21

Finnish Winner-2021, judged by Joao Vasco Pocas

Mountain's Pearl Editor's Choice "Edi"

Ch2, Exc, CQ, 2nd Best Male, res-CACIB ❤

handled by Irina Linjala-Hyökki

"3 year old, top quality dog. Very nice head & expression. Amazing head with beautiful eyes. Very wide skull. Fulfilled muzzle. Correct earset. Very nice neck & topline. Correct bone. Nice croup and tailset. Good mover. "


Finnish Winner- 2021 judged by Joao Vasco Pocas


Mountain's Pearl Hard Candy "Kismet"

Jun1, Exc, CQ, 3rd Best Bitch, FI Junior Winner-21 & CAC ❤

Handled beautifully by Irina Linjala-Hyökki

"correct type. 15 months old. very nice expression. skull is a bit flat. correct earset. very good front. good bone and substance. correct croup and tailset. ears are a bit heavy."


Also Helsinki Junior Winner-2021


Finnish Winner-21 Pocas

Mountain's Pearl Every Little Kiss "Rue"

CH-2 Exc

"3 years old. Correct type . Medium size BUT full of bone and substance. Excellent axes and skull. Correct muzzle and ears. Correct front and angulations. Exc tailset and croup.Good mover."


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