Estonian Winner-13 & Speciality

Me & Chino headed off to Estonia, in the brilliant company of Tuulikki and Juulia from Chenespace, in the early hours of the morning. We had a wonderful trip, could not thank the girls enough for their company and help and shade all along the day on the show grounds. We had an adventure, slept in a nice rental apartment that was one of those text book "don't judge a book by it's cover" kind of places, and enjoyed dinner with great friends. 

We had a double show day in extremely hot weather under the sun. In the morning we arrived in style as the best of women do, just in the nick of time, LOL!  Estonian winner show went well under the lovely judge, Irina Polateava, from Finland. Our travel company C.Question Piège placed BB1, BOS and C.Patron placed BOB and both gained Estonian Winner-13 and EE CH titles! Chino placed BM3 at the winner show with a lovely critique and heat making him perform a tad lazier than normal so I am more than pleased with his result! 

Later in the afternoon after the winner BIS rings were beginning, our Speciality show started. Our judge was Sue Hewart-Chambers from UK. Chino got a wonderful critique with such sweet compliments as "a smiley boy", "sweet expression"  & "good mover" and his "shepherd's hook" was also aknowledged. But the day had been hot and it showed in his inspiration to move sadly and we placed 3rd in Champion class with Excellent critique. 

Chenespace was BOB-breeder with both judges and BISS-breeder in the afternoon. 

The evening made our day perfect, we went to dinner with Kadi-Liis Säre & Marion-Silvia Diener to a lovely old stone built restaurant near the harbour with the biggest ciders I have ever seen. Gorgeous food, company and a rewarding show day in the best of company made this slightly sleepless trip so worth every minute.

Special thanks to Chino's breeders Juulia & Tuulikki for a lovely trip, can't wait for the next one! 

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